Your Lucky Stars Are Shining Bright in Trove on Xbox One

Xbox One

Why, hello there, Trovian! It’s me, Qubesly!

I’ve come with great news: St. Qubeslick’s Day
is back, and with it your luck is on the rise. Come test your fortune in six
new adventures that will have you leaping with joy at the rewards.

Prove your mettle in clearing out infestations
of darkness lurking in all those dungeons all over Trove, and you may
just find that the loot they provide has been proven to be extra providential.

Not only that, but in a fortuitous turn of
events, you can make your own luck! Grow Lucky Clovers to make the magic
happen, because you will need all the luck you can get to imbue your Lucky
Stars with even more luck- enough that it will rub off on your friends as you
adventure through Trove together.

As your garden grows so does your fortune-
show it off by decking yourself out in the latest St. Qubeslick’s fashions
available in the exclusive Clover Collection in the store.

So, you see: Lady Luck’s brightest smile is
reserved for you, Trovian. Come zoom on down to Trove to bask in it!

Xbox Live


Trion Worlds Inc.


Trove – Going Green now live!

Gardening is now bigger and better than ever. With new ways to craft, new plants to harvest, and new food to eat… It’s time to dig in!

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