Final Hours to Earn Your Feldrake Mount from Twitch Drops

PC, World of Warcraft

This is the second Twitch drop, with one more to follow starting in two weeks!

Dragon Kite Twitch Drop has ended!

Learn More About Twitch Drops in our In-Depth Guide

How to Earn the Feldrake Twitch Drop

In order to get the in-game rewards from Twitch Drops, you must watch a stream that has Drops active and is streaming the game in question. You can always check if the channel has Drops active by looking at the widget on top of the chat window or before joining a stream.


  • You must have a Twitch account in order to get Drops.
  • You may only earn progress for a Drop on one channel at a time.
  • You must watch streamers that are currently streaming under the World of Warcraft directory and have Drops enabled to qualify.
  • The stream must not be paused to earn progress.
  • While you can earn the reward before, you must connect your Twitch and accounts to claim the drops

Example of Streams with Drops Enabled

Finding an Eligible Stream to Receive Drops

To find a Stream that you can receive Drops from, head to the World of Warcraft game directory and find a stream there with the Drops Enabled tag.

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