Turtle Rock Studios Reveals New Concept Art for Upcoming Zombie FPS Back 4 Blood

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back 4 blood concept art

Turtle Rock Studios, the development team behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve, has revealed new concept art for its upcoming co-op zombie FPS Back 4 Blood on Twitter.

The image shows a heavily fortified base with the word “Hope” strewn above the main gates. Spike traps and other obstacles litter the land leading up to the base. It’s tough to assume if base-building and trap preparation will serve as mechanics in the upcoming title, but Turtle Rock Studios specified that “you’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead,” back when it was revealed last year. 

Left 4 Dead and its subsequent sequel are held close to heart by the gaming community for its bombastic gameplay, over-the-top violence, and high replayability. According to Chet Faliszek and reported by gamesindustry.biz, as of October 2012, the Left 4 Dead franchise has sold over 12 million copies. For some odd reason, Valve has a fear of the number three when it comes to their franchises. Judging from the commercial and critical failure that is Evolve, it appears that Turtle Rock is sticking to what they do best, and trying to deliver an experience similar to Left 4 Dead, but unique and updated for 2020 standards.

More gameplay details are left to speculation as Turtle Rock has yet to announce anything else. Back 4 Blood is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC – however, a release on other platforms is viable. It brings to question just how far they’re into development as the next-gen consoles are set to launch at the end of this year. A Smart Delivery inclusion shouldn’t be out of the question if they plan on launching in the coming months. Until then, for all news on Back 4 Blood, keep it here at TheXboxHub!    

Let us know if you’ll be keeping a further eye on the progress of Back 4 Blood.

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