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It’s been an interesting journey for Torchlight III, undergoing development by a newly founded team of ARPG veterans and then subjected to spot of rebranding along the way – originally titled Torchlight Frontiers. But now Torchlight III is here and ready to deliver fast-paced dungeon crawling action to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

In the world of Torchlight III, a whole century has passed since the events of Torchlight II, in which heroes like the Berserker and the Embermage defeated The Dark Alchemist. Ultimately, sealing the Netherlord’s heart inside the Clockwork Core brought momentary peace to Novastraia. Nothing ever lasts though and now the Ember Empire finds itself on the brink of collapse, succumbing to the threat of invasion by the Netherim and its allies. In order to save Novastraia, you will need to gather your wits and brave the frontier in search of fame, glory and brand  new adventures. It is time to become the legends the world needs right now.

Expect Torchlight III to retain many of the series’ features and mechanics, with satisfying hack-and-slash combat at the heart of this charming adventure and the beloved pets. There are four new classes to choose from: the enchanting Dusk Mage who harnesses the power of light and dark energy; a powerful robot, the Forged, geared up for explosive assaults; the Railmaster, a powerhouse who steams into combat with a massive hammer and heavily armed battle train; and the strong, yet nimble, ranged specialist known as the Sharpshooter. 

This latest adventure will also introduce three epic acts, unique Relic subclasses, fully customisable forts, a challenging end-game experience called “Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn”, and the multi-tiered progression system “Contracts” that lets players earn Fame and unlock elite items. That’s not all however, with a myriad of quests and boss battles present across randomly-generated areas that are filled with epic loot drops. 

“Torchlight III has arrived, and we at Echtra are beyond ecstatic for gamers to finally join the adventure,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and co-founder of the Torchlight franchise. “Development on this game has had its share of twists and turns, but we think the end result was well worth the wait. A huge thank you to the fans who have patiently stayed with us through this journey. Your support means everything. Now go jump in and have fun exploring the Frontier!”

“Echtra has created a fantastic Torchlight experience that truly represents the studio’s creativity and expertise in the action-RPG genre,” said Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. “All of us at Perfect World are proud of what the studio has accomplished. We have believed and supported Max and Echtra’s vision for expanding the Torchlight universe from day one. It’s thrilling to see this new adventure come to life in a way that lights up everything fans of the franchise love about the series, while ushering in a new generation of players.” 

Features include:

  • Travel the Frontier: Players can explore the wilderness, party with friends, gather materials to craft loot, use magical maps to enter unknown dungeons, or show off their spoils in town! There’s always something to do in the new frontier.
  • Build & Upgrade Your Fort: It’s time to rebuild! Players can enjoy their very own account-based fort, where they can upgrade gear, and make renovations to show it off to their friends and the world. The game allows them to build monuments of power, pet stables, and more!
  • Choose a Relic: Relics are objects of great power that grant players a suite of active skills and passive skills. Players must choose one of five of these at the beginning of their journey and use skill points to unlock or enhance their relic’s abilities. The relic is an important part of a character’s strategy – choose wisely!
  • Collect Epic Gear: Suit up in a robust variety of armor and weapons found across the frontier including charming hats, pet apparel, and unique locomotion options. Players can select from a wide array of weapons that suit their playstyle and class build. With over a hundred Legendary items, players can permanently acquire their special abilities in order to make themselves more unique and powerful. 
  • Pets are Back: Players can fight their way to fame and glory with loyal companions! Each of the many species comes in a myriad of colors and styles so adventurers shouldn’t settle for the first one they find. They can make these trusty pets stronger by adding skills, equip them with gear to make them hardier, and together battle enemies as a team. Pets also have their own vast inventory for items, and players have the option to have their pets sell items directly in town. 
  • Build Your Hero: With four classes to choose from, along with 20 class and Relic combinations — each combination offering a unique playstyle — and a wide range of choices of where to place skill points at, players can utilize class-specific mechanics to maximize damage and their odds of survival. Torchlight III lets them gather epic gear, select your Relic powers, and customize loadouts to create a unique combat style for their heroes.

While it enables up to four players to enjoy the experience online, you’re just as welcome to embark on the journey alone. Whichever route you decide to take, you’ll need to own Torchlight III and so a trip to the Xbox Store, PS Store or Steam is necessary first. It’ll cost £34.99, but then you’re free to go and save the world from the Netherim. Be sure to let us know how you get on with it and what class you end up choosing! It’ll roll out on Switch come October 22nd.

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Game Description:

It’s been a century since the events of Torchlight II, and the Ember Empire is in decline. In Torchlight III, Novastraia is again under threat of invasion and it’s up to you to defend against the Netherim and its allies. Gather your wits and brave the frontier to find fame, glory, and new adventures!

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