The Gruesome Twins Join the Entity’s Realm in Dead by Daylight

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Hello, People of the Fog. 

A new chapter is now available in Dead by Daylight and brings with it a unique killer and survivor. The theme of the chapter is family: what we do for family, what we sacrifice for family, how family builds and shapes who we are… And our new killer knows about family as it is a conjoined brother and sister, also known as The Twins! Let’s hear more from Dead by Daylight Creative Director Dave Richard.

Dead by Daylight Associate Brand Manager Thomas Carpentier: It’s the first time that a killer is composed of two different characters. How did the idea come to the development team? What was unique and interesting as the development progressed? 

Dead by Daylight Creative Director Dave Richard: The ability to separate and control multiple independent characters with different abilities has always been a fascinating concept to the team. Over the years, we considered it many times, in different shapes and forms. However, we had to put the idea aside because of production challenges and technical limitations. Thanks to a bigger and more experienced team (and a lot of effort!) The Twins are now a reality!

Dead by Daylight - A Binding of Kin

As you might expect, The Twins’ design was challenging. A killer that separates in two changes the whole dynamic of a regular match… if there ever was “regular” in Dead by Daylight. It was essential to keep both Charlotte and Victor useful and give a reason to often switch between the two. We also made sure the extra pressure on survivors was adequate by prototyping, testing, and tweaking the killers’ components. The biggest challenges were on the animation team, who did marvellously. The Twins are full of personality, and Victor is sure to make you freak out at some point in a trial! 

Carpentier: Can you tell us more about The Twins?

Richard: Charlotte and Victor’s story is a grim one. The siblings are born conjoined in 17th century France that considers their very existence a curse. Stolen from their mother and tortured for years in cultists’ dark rituals, they suffered many hardships. To Charlotte’s despair, Victor died when she escaped the cult’s grasp, his lifeless body still attached to her. She then survived by scavenging, stealing, and sometimes killing, always trying to protect her dead brother. When The Entity took them, Victor was revived, and even if he’s now a monster fueled by spite, she loves him dearly.

In the game, The Twins show their different personalities through their abilities. Both characters are independent; the player can freely switch between the two. Charlotte, hulking, emotionless, protects her brother with giant weapons and tools scavenged from the many villages and cities she looted. Her size allows her to do all the standard killer actions such as transporting and hooking. The malicious Victor can detach entirely and let his rage cause havoc. He’s swift and can pounce and attach to survivors, injuring them in the process. Victor also reveals the other survivors’ positions to his sister.  

Dead by Daylight - A Binding of Kin

Carpentier: The new survivor is Élodie Rakoto. Can you tell us more about her story and what makes her unique? 

Richard: Élodie is an awesome French Malagasy artifact hunter who dedicated her life to researching the occult. When she was a kid, her parents disappeared in a mysterious and catastrophic event. From this point, her efforts and focus were to study, research, and explore the religious, occult, and anything that could help her understand what happened to her parents. All this knowledge brought her very close to The Entity and groups orbiting around it. Élodie’s often “in the field.” She explores dangerous sites and retrieves ancient artifacts linked to her research, which eventually leads her to the realms of The Entity.

Élodie brings three unique perks to the survivor toolset, which allow her to use her tenacity and quick thinking to stay one step ahead in a trial. Either to deceive the Killer or even fight him back, she has an interesting playstyle that differs from other Survivors.

Dead by Daylight - A Binding of Kin

A final note on Élodie, as I’d like to say we are delighted by the feedback given by the community. The team strives to make our characters as diverse as possible with different backgrounds, origins, ethnicities, and cultures. Representation is important, and we continue to believe it. 

Carpentier: The new chapter releases early in December, what can we expect for the holidays season?

Richard: We have a few surprises in our sack, but how about some free cosmetics and currency? Starting today, and until January 3, we will provide players with currency upon logging in the game. On top of that, a handful of cosmetic rewards will be available via Redeem Codes. Keep your eyes peeled, this will be a busy moment for you players. Oh, and remember: if you already possess the Xbox One version of the game, you can get the upgrade to the Xbox Series X version for free thanks to Smart Delivery.

Enjoy your holiday season and see you in the Fog! 

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Death Is Not an Escape.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured and killed.

Survivors play in third-person and have the advantage of better situational awareness. The Killer plays in first-person and is more focused on their prey.

The Survivors’ goal in each encounter is to escape the Killing Ground without getting caught by the Killer – something that sounds easier than it is, especially when the environment changes every time you play.

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