Take to the skies with the high-flying Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly on Xbox One, PC and Switch

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baron fur is gonna fly xbox

Ready to take to the skies and battle it out in intense dogfighting moments? In Baron on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, the Fur is Gonna Fly!

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly from Dogmelon Games is a new party experience that will have you jumping into a trusty biplane and heading into the clouds, taking in some of the most intense dogfighting moments you can find on console – much like that of the recently launched Sky Rogue.

Priced at £16.74 – at least from the Xbox Store as other digital options provide a variety of pricing structures – Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly is just about priced well enough for any group of mates to take a shot, perfect for upcoming gaming sessions and evening laughs.

With both a single player game available, or the chance for up to 8 players to join together in the skies before battling it out, there is much to enjoy with Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly. Throw in numerous unique aircraft, no less than 8 heroic pilots who each come with their own unique traits, and a plethora of special weapons to enjoy, and if you find yourself looking for a new reason to head to the clouds, Baron should suffice.

Features include:

  • Take to the sky in your trusty biplane and join intense battles against other pilots.
  • Up to 8 players can battle either all-on-all or in teams.
  • Arm your aircraft with wonderful weapons that include Giant Anvils, Freeze Rays, or the ever-popular Banana Peel!
  • Flying is easy to learn. (Even non-gamers will be flying in no time.) But under the hood, the aerodynamics have a depth that will take months to master.
  • 4 unique aircraft, with different flight characteristics and abilities.
  • 8 heroic characters- each with their own taunts, insignia and victory song.
  • 13 Special Weapons will keep you busy discovering new ways to destroy your opponents.
  • Single-player game modes include Battle (teams or all-on-all), Training, and a woolly Sheep Attack.

Wish to know more about how Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly on Xbox One plays out? Keep a beady one out for our upcoming full review of the game.

Should you be more than happy to take a punt whilst our review is finalised though then heading to your favoured digital store is for the best. The Xbox Store (£16.74), the Nintendo eShop (£18.00) and good old Steam for PC all have dedicated pages ready to take your cash.

Game Description:

In the world of Baron, the Great War rages on. Aircraft are new, exciting machines that defy gravity! Those who fly them — those brave animals — are daring, flamboyant, and impossibly glamorous.

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