Surprise Track Pack enhances the Race With Ryan world

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race with ryan surprise track pack xbox

There are many great kart racers out there, with the likes of Mario, Sonic and Crash vying for the top spot. But back at the end of 2019 another name took their place on the starting grid, with the Youtube sensation, Ryan, moving into the video games scene with the unmistakable Race With Ryan. Now we see that base experience become enhanced with a brand new Surprise Track Pack to enjoy.

Available to purchase and download into your Race With Ryan game, the Surprise Track Pack moves the base game on somewhat, providing access to a couple of new tracks and no less than five new characters.

With the base game of Race With Ryan available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, the Surprise Track Pack takes Ryan’s biggest – little – fans off to the slippery slopes of the Icy Land, while the iconic Route 66 is another new destination.

Further to that though and you’ll also discover five new characters to play as with American Titan, Lexa, Panda, Gus and Alaskan Ryan in place.

Whilst not being of a high enough quality to really push the best kart racers for top spot, if you have a fan of Ryan’s World in the house or need to keep the youngsters busy while they are sat at home, grabbing a download of the Surprise Track Pack for Ryan’s World should be considered. The Xbox Store has the download available for £5.99, but you should also be able to pick it up on the other formats too. Just remember you’ll need that base game in place first.

DLC Description:

Treat your little Ryan Fan’s to even more hours of fun with their favourite YouTuber in his very own video game, Race With Ryan! In this whole new Track Pack, your little one can travel to the iconic route of Route 66 and the slippery slope of Icy Land – See who will slide into first place! Race on NEW tracks

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