Stoner Noir game STONE Launches on Xbox One

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STONE is a game in the same vein as The Big Lebowski, Inherent Vice and Pineapple Express, but with a splash of anthropomorphic animals and Bojack Horseman. And it has just launched on Xbox One.

Roy Stone is a koala bear and private investigator who must use his investigation skills on a case too close to home, as his beloved boyfriend Alex has gone missing. Stone has no idea why. Using his knowledge of the town, and his unparalleled knowledge of alcohol, he must find Alex and solve his own mystery.

He also needs to be careful though, as a group of cockney foxes are looking for a koala bear that fits his description…

Stone can take his time though; like any good stoner he is in no rush. He can relax and unwind at various places including the sauna and record store, and also the cinema where he can watch full films including Night of the Living Dead and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. These are the full-length films available to watch at your disposal. Just don’t forget about Alex completely.

There are a variety of other locations for Stone to investigate including a nightclub, a craft ale bar and even his own flat. That may or may not include a talking toaster and a rubber duck.

Our review of the game will be live imminently too, so you can read our thoughts about how STONE plays out before deciding for yourself.

Stone on Xbox One is available to download right now priced at £12.49 and features a fully licenced soundtrack on top of everything else. Hit us up in the comments if you have any other questions or just to tell us whether or not you’ll be downloading the game! Make sure you check out the launch trailer below too.

Game description

G’day, I’m Stone. Here’s our Xbox page. Play this single-player third-person movie length interactive story and see what happened. Yeah it was rough, but a good life lesson. Enjoy, and remember don’t do this at home ya bunch of crazy animals. By the way this story really isn’t going to be for everyone. So enter at your own risk, mate. Plus this was created by a global team including the narrative designer of QUANTUM BREAK, CONTROL and VFX artist from GRAVITY, PROMETHEUS & more. You’re in good hands, mate. P.S FLAMING FEATURE LIST BELOW. PLAY MY STORY TODAY! P.P.s I’m @StoneKoalaPI and follow @ConvictGames those mammals were crazy to tell my story! FLAMING FEATURES: • 3rd person so you can rotate a drone cam around me and move me like Voodoo • Deep, reference heavy interactive story never told, mate. • Drinking, dancing and smoking for your pleasure. • Map based free roam so you can explore the world at your own pace. Here’s some tips: • Echo for great techno, Smoky Possum for some liquid gold and my flat. It’s comfy mates. • A cast of my mates. Like Les, weirdo and kanye lover and my gorgeous chookie Alex. • BTW if you see Cockie, tell her I’m sorry again. If you see Devil, run, run, run! • Amazing licensed tracks from sick up and coming indie musicians at the Record Shop. • Like Ryan Little, Luchii, Ilkka S, Warchief, James Tottakai & More • Seriously the music is great. There’s hip hop, trap, stoner rock and heavy techno! • Also THERE”S CLASSIC MOVIES!!! Yeah you can watch film classics like • Sentimental Bloke, Night of the Living Dead & Story of the Kelly Gang ( CONVICT REPRESENT ) • Hang out with me. • It’ll be bonza and hell, I think you’ll be a better person from it too. Your mate, Stone

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