Secretlab team up with Warner Bros and DC to create the limited edition Birds of Prey Harley Quinn gaming chair!

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Anyone who is a regular reader of these pages will know of our love for Secretlab – the gaming chair manufacturers who just adore teaming up with other brands in order to create special limited edition options. Following on from special editions that feature the likes of Game of Thrones and Batman comes another stunning range addition – that of the Secretlab Birds of Prey Limited Edition Gaming Chair featuring Harley Quinn.

Created thanks to a new collaboration between Secretlab, Warner Bros and DC, launching in celebration of the latest big screen action adventure, the Secretlab Birds of Prey Edition will be strictly limited to 200 units, with fans of the film, or those that just love Harley Quinn no doubt gagging in anticipation.

This latest collaboration comes after the roaring worldwide success of the Secretlab Dark Knight Edition gaming chair, which launched in 2019, with the Birds of Prey Limited Edition chair culminating in the perfect union between Secretlab’s award-winning gaming chairs and the best-selling female character in comics.

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Inspired by one of her many eye-catching, uniquely Harley outfits in the upcoming film, the Birds of Prey chair is decked in a cream colour base with gold diamond-motif leatherette on the backrest accents, as well as on the insides of the seatbase. The fan-favourite character’s edgy and flamboyant nature is also echoed throughout the chair,from her scrawled signature on the front of the backrest, a pop-art twist of her iconic lipstick kiss on the back, to “graffiti-ed” heart shapes and XOXOs (symbolizing hugs and kisses from Harley) scribbled all over.

As you would expect to hear, the Secretlab Birds of Prey Limited Edition will also incorporate the engineering and technology of the award-winning Secretlab 2020 Series, which comes with a suite of fully-adjustable features and extensively-tested materials.

This limited edition will be available in two models: The Secretlab OMEGA and the stunning Secretlab TITAN (have a read of our review of the TITAN right here), with only 200 units produced worldwide. You can get them preordered right now by hitting up Secretlab direct.

Said Ian Alexander Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab: “Off the back of a successful Secretlab Batman-edition launch, we’re excited to be collaborating again with Warner Bros and DC. This time, we’re taking inspiration from and paying tribute to DC’s most famous anti-heroine, one who inspired the world in a very different way from Batman. Today, Harley Quinn is a pop culture icon adored by millions around the world and this collaboration celebrates her legacy along with the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. The Secretlab Birds of Prey Limited Edition is inspired by Harley’s latest iconic costume in the film and features one of the most unique designs we’ve created so far—incorporating street and luxury style elements to create a chair worthy of Harley Quinn.”

Should you be in the market for a new gaming chair then we would wholeheartedly recommend you check out what Secretlab have on offer. And if you’re a fan of Quinn, or just want to express your love for the latest film, then the Secretlab Birds of Prey Limited Edition chair is certainly one you should be considering.

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