New trends in casino gaming

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Online gambling is getting more and more popular every year. A great variety of available games makes it even easier to find and play your favourite title. Developers and big companies organize special gaming events. From these, we can learn a few things about new trends in casino gaming. Let’s see what we should be prepared for.

Live gaming

Some interesting numbers for the start – around 45 million people watch other people playing games live on the Twitch platform monthly! New technology allows gamblers not only to watch sports events and bet on them in real-time but also to play their favourite games with real dealers using live casino options. This trend is great for people seeking contact with other players and a great atmosphere.

Virtual reality in casinos

Special sets for playing games in virtual reality are getting cheaper every day. Thanks to that, access to that technology has got much easier for every player. Some developers have decided to use virtual technology in online casinos. From now on players can fully feel like they are in land-based casinos. The most significant developers on the market already decided to use that technology in their products. What is more, you can even try roulette in virtual reality by Microgaming by yourself! All of the casinos in the market are doing their best to keep up with all of the news, but you get more chances to encounter more of “advanced” technologies, you should check new casinos. But this is also a risky one, so you must know, who to ask for advice. We can recommend Poland.

Tactical gambling

Some gaming machines are based mainly on somebody’s luck. You do not need to worry about the rules or any tricks – you just play and pray for the win. However, online casinos started to see some potential in games that require some strategy and knowledge to win. Poker is a good example here. You not only need the luck to win, but also some skills. Some gamblers seek something more demanding than just lottery games, and they are the aim of developers’ work now. 

More 3D in games

Gaming machines created using 3D technology may not be very different according to gameplay, but they look stunning. New, digital technologies allow developers to make incredibly realistic graphics. Just look at products of a company like Betsoft which are famous for their look.


E-sport has also become incredibly popular around the world. With the growth of this branch, we can also see the development of gambling opportunities around it. You can easily find some good deals when placing bets, as betting in e-sports is still not as common as in other sports. E-sports events are starting to look like other sports championships. Thanks to that more developers and big companies are interested in investing in gambling connected to them.


Cryptocurrencies are well known for their clarity and lack of central bank regulations. No political or economical events will affect those currencies. They are independent of any government or big companies. Those advantages are surely convincing for online gamblers. Web casinos started to add cryptocurrencies to their offers. Gamers can be sure, that the transaction will be prosecuted immediately, developers, on the other hand, get loyalty and interest of new clients. We suppose that cryptocurrencies will get more and more popular in online gambling.

Themed websites

We can find more online casinos that are based on some unique ideas. For example, some websites will make you feel like you are in Paris or Las Vegas. Themed graphics and soundtrack can surely attract more users and create some basic group of loyal users.

Gamification of websites

You can see the impact of gamification on every aspect of life, in the case of online gambling too. More options for interaction with the website is one of the main rules in modern casinos. Thanks to that developers can get more popularity and stabilize their position on the market. Some casinos use gamification in loyalty programs where clients can get some additional bonuses or point for betting and gaining levels during the game. We can also find some quizzes and minigames being part of gambling websites. Thanks to those gamers can feel a part of the casino and get an experience like never before.

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