New Hidden Through Time DLC brings Legends of Japan to Xbox One

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There’s something quite relaxing about hidden object games, and Hidden Through Time in particular, but there are a finite amount of levels available to enjoy. Fortunately, developers Rogueside have released more content through DLC and this latest pack takes us to Japan on Xbox One. So, let’s see what the Legends of Japan DLC entails!

The Hidden Through time Legends of Japan DLC will see you take a deep dive into Feudal Japanese culture and mythology in order to deliver some great scenes and legends centred on the yokai and the samurai. Expect to scour japanese dojos, mansions and islands in this adventure as you aim to find all sorts of hidden objects. You may even venture past the temples of Mount Fuji and experience a festival full of fireworks. With 10 new Story mode levels and over 300 new objects, characters and creatures included for level creators to use, there’s a decent amount of content to keep you going for a little while.

If you’ve already conquered the Viking Tales DLC and want to extend your stay in Hidden Through Time, then seek out Legends of Japan via the Xbox Store. It won’t cost an awful lot either, priced at a mere £1.69, which appears to be a bargain. Don’t worry if you can’t afford it yet though, because you will still be able to play through any user created maps that use the new objects. How thoughtful is that?

As always, we’d love to know whether you’re interested in this new add-on for Hidden Through Time, so feel free to leave a comment below.

DLC Description:

Past the temples on Mount Fuji, through the rice fields around the hills, secrets lay hidden all across Japan. The sun is rising and the Yokai are crossing from the spiritual lands into our material realm. Join Clicky on a journey through Feudal Japan where you’ll experience the wonderful fireworks festivals and learn about the disciplined traditions of the samurai training in their dojos. This DLC includes 10 new levels ranging from Japanese temples to Sumo tournaments. It also features more than 300 new Japan themed objects and characters that will be available in the level editor upon purchase! People who don’t own this DLC will still be able to play through user created maps that use objects from the Legends of Japan DLC. Grab your katana and make your way through the bamboo forest where the DLC is waiting for you.

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