Need some quick Gamerscore? These are some of the easiest Xbox achievements from games released in May 2020!

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Welcome to this month’s rundown of some of the easiest achievements you can unlock on Xbox, this time featuring: golfballs, more zombies, dead presidents, kung-fu masters, ski-jumping and the birth of a shark! With a list that varied, let’s jump straight into it and see how you can best earn some sweet and easy Gamerscore.

1A Fold Apart – 2 for 50G – The Start of Something New & A Fold Apart

I love it when a game includes an achievement with the title of the game, like when a character in a film says the title of that film. But in the case of A Fold Apart, the achievement called A Fold Apart is the second one you unlock, so our first entry in the list is a double whammy.

In A Fold Apart you control a marital couple as they deal with one of them working away from home for an extended period of time. It is a beautiful puzzle game that will stay with you long after completion. One of the best parts of A Fold Apart is at the very beginning you get to choose which version of the couple you want to play as; sexual orientation is not an issue here. And then, to top it off, you are given 25G to boot for The Start of Something New.

And then you get to witness the couple start their journey apart from each other in a wonderful heart-warming moment. And before you even press another button, another 25G pops up for being A Fold Apart.

2Shaolin vs Wutang – 50G – Win First Battle!

Shaolin vs Wutang is a beat ‘em up inspired by 70’s kung-fu cinema, pitting various martial arts against each other. None of that over-the-top fighting you see everywhere else – here these fighting styles have been perfected over hundreds of years.

If the clue from the achievement title of what was needed to be done in order to unlock it wasn’t obvious enough, let me go into some detail, and also get the word count up to please my editor. In beat ’em up games your objective is to reduce your opponents health bar to zero, whilst maintaining yours. Shaolin vs Wutang has over 30 different fighting styles for you to utilise, and as long as you win one match you’ll unlock 50G. It doesn’t even matter which mode you win in; it’s practically a gift of 50G.

3Maneater – 2 for 40G – Learned to Swim and Survivor

This next sentence may sound like a fever dream, but I can assure you it isn’t: Maneater is a shark RPG (ShaRkPG if you will) where you control a shark to get revenge on the evil fisherman that scarred you as a pup. You couldn’t make it up, but apparently you can.

Another double whammy – we like these – gives you two achievements in quick succession. The first one – Learned to Swim – is for completing the tutorial; funnily enough this is where you learn to swim, along with the rest of the game mechanics. A quick and easy 20G.

Following swiftly is another 20G achievement for watching the proceeding cutscene. Survive that – hint: you will as it’s pre-rendered – and you are awarded with another 20G achievement for next to no effort.

4Golf With Your Friends – 90G – Hole in One!

There seems to be a distinct lack of imagination with some of these achievement titles this month. Who are we to care though when unlocking this one gives out a whopping 90G!?

Perhaps the most difficult on this list this month in terms of actual skill is getting a hole in one in the recent addition to Xbox Game Pass, Golf With Your Friends. But the amount of skill you need is still not very much, so much so that even other members of TheXboxHub have also unlocked this achievement. Just as a side note, and as the current site champion for Golf With Your Friends, I am absolutely entitled to have a brag about it here.

Firstly, make sure the mode is set to Classic; I cannot guarantee that you will unlock the achievement if it is on a different mode. Load up the Forest level, complete the first hole any way you can (this isn’t the hole you unlock the achievement on) and get to the second hole.

Here, the shot will be lined up for you already, so you don’t need to worry about the direction. Set the shot bar to around 40% and take the shot. The crowd goes wild, and you’ve just boosted your Gamerscore by a very healthy 90G.

5Zombies Ruined My Day – 10G – Zombie Killer

Thought we had exhausted the easy zombie-related achievements last month? Think again! This barrel is far from dry, my friends.

Imagine a world where the walking dead have become a nuisance, shambling about flying their helicopters far too close to the ground or riding your favourite ferris wheel. That’s the world our hero has woken up to in Zombies Ruined My Day, a 2D side-scroller featuring everyone’s favourite flesh-eaters.

It is time to take revenge on them, bullet-style. To unlock an easy 10G, simply shoot one of them – due to the amount on screen it’s probably harder to miss one!

One word of warning however, and if you do decide to pay the £3.29 for some gratifying zombie slaying, one of the bosses in this game is a giant clown zombie. It’s nightmare fuel, really.

6Saints Row: The Third Remastered – 10G – Dead Presidents

Perhaps one of the biggest releases from this month is yet another remaster, this time Saints Row: The Third is receiving the treatment.

Dead Presidents is awarded for completing the tutorial mission ‘When Good Heists…’. After robbing a bank and planning a daring escape from the rooftop, things take a turn for the worse and you need to fight wave after wave of enemies whilst stood on top of the bank vault.

It’s only worth 10G but it is an action-packed opening to a game that is full of easy achievements.

7Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020 – 50G – It Happens

Being British, I love an underdog – someone that tries against all adversity despite knowing the odds are heavily stacked against them. However, I especially like it when an underdog fails spectacularly.

In Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020, you start your first jump at the top of the slope by being at the bottom of the ski jumping ladder. Its either going to go perfectly – which in turn brings about another 50G achievement for winning your first competition (see: Underdog triumphing against all odds) – or you’re going to crash and burn, emphasis on the crashing (see: Underdog failing spectacularly).

Good news for anyone performing the latter though, as the achievement in question here is for falling down for the first time. It just so happens to award you 50G for failing… if only life was that generous!

8Reed 2 – 90G – Just Starting

Let’s end this month’s list with another Ratalaika Games offering. Anyone that hunts achievements will know that Ratalaika port games over for low prices, bringing with them terribly easy Gamerscore. It’s almost like they are pandering to a specific need.

Reed 2 is another side-scrolling platformer where you need to pick up cubes dotted around the level. Just Starting grants players an achievement for collecting their first cube.

After loading up the game, speak to the computer in Level 1, but don’t spend anymore time in this area as there are no cubes to be found here. To unlock this achievement, you need to be on Level 2, with three easy to reach cubes to choose from. All grant the achievement for collecting them – you don’t need to pick up a specific cube – and you are quickly 90G better off. Word has it, the entire 1000G can be unlocked in less than an hour, and you don’t even need to finish the full game.

And that’s our list of some of the easiest achievements to pick up for this month – a quick and simple 390G across eight games. Many of the games on our list also provide an easy full completion, and who knows, you may even find a game you quite like. Stay tuned for next month’s list where hopefully we can offer even more easy achievements!

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