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It’s been many years since I last went into my gaming sessions with a LucidSound headset attached to my head. In fact, up until a few short months ago it had been more than 3 years since time was spent with the LucidSound LS30 Universal Gaming headset. Now though the LucidSound team are back, and the new wireless LS35X headset brings a classic design, plus a ton of great features and ideas to Xbox One.

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LucidSound run with one of the most simple of mission statements – to ensure that their products look great, sound great and feel great. And from past experience that comes to the fore with any LS piece of kit. Even going back to 2016 and the LS30, it was obvious that LucidSound care about not just the sound that their products deliver, but the aesthetic they deliver whilst doing so, and in recent months both the LS10X and LS1X headsets have confirmed this. With the LS35X though, they’ve moved up another notch, with one button wireless syncing working directly with Xbox One, high fidelity speakers pushing out some great sound, a dual mic system allowing for chat options wherever you are, and memory foam based, gel-cooled earcups keeping you comfortable even in the hardest of times. 

From the outset it’s easy to see what LucidSound are trying to achieve with the LS35X. All black in design, with just some silver LS branding on the earcups and on top of the headband breaking up the flow, this is certainly a headset that has been created to be worn rather than to be shown off. With a lightweight metal frame holding things together, and some superb stitching in place on the well padded underside of the sliding headband, it’s very comfortable to wear too, with lengthy gaming sessions something that this excels at. 

This is helped by a slight bit of twist being available to those who want it from the headband, and then again with a little movement between frame and earcups, ensuring that no matter what size or shape of head you have, this is quite likely to fit it. Further enhancements over cheaper headsets see the LS35X provide memory foam based, gel-infused earcups, keeping your ears cooled at all times, whilst a decent amount of padding to these cups is always a joy to have, especially when the externals see a combination of quality leatherette and a softer inner cloth material working well.

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Inside and LucidSound have decided it is only right and proper to ensure some of the best audio experiences you can imagine are thrust towards your lugholes, thanks to the inclusion of custom-tuned high fidelity 50mm neodymium drivers. And frankly, they sound awesome, with true bass, top treble and some spot-on mids hitting out no matter how far up you turn the volume. With Windows Sonic audio provided here for both Xbox One and Windows PC, you can’t ask for too much more. Except maybe some Dolby Atmos love, as that in my opinion raises the audio game even more. 

In terms of adjusting the volume to how you see fit, LucidSound are proper market leaders in this department with a full game volume wheel attached to the outer ring of the entire left cup, whilst game chat balance options are found by working the magic on the right. With mic muting easily actioned by hitting the inner circle of that right cup, and full game volume muting options found on the left, I’ve got nothing but praise for LucidSound in how they have configured the audio adjustments needing in terms of gaming. It’s an absolute cinch to use, and does away with any need to fumble your way in search of small volume dials. 

Equally as easy to use are the wireless connection capabilities of the LS35X. Running with one-button sync direct to your Xbox One, connecting this headset to your console is as simple as doing so with a controller – hit the sync button on your console, do the same on your headset, and the job is a good ‘un. I’ve had absolutely zero issues in working this connection either, and once an initial setup is run through switching on the console and then the headset sees pairing actioned within a matter of seconds. And even though a slight downside to making the most of wireless magic is ensuring you have to charge the headset at specific times, I’ve found the battery lasts a good while, with charging quick and seamless thanks to the included USB-A to Micro-USB cable that is included. Does it last for the 24 odd hours that RIG claim the 800LX to handle? No, but the LS35X is certainly no lightweight in terms of battery power and the claimed 15 hours of life is more than reasonable. 

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All is well in the LucidSound garden, however things aren’t utterly perfect with the LS35X. For instance, for the £130 quid or so that you can currently grab this at, I’d much prefer to see a boom mic that wasn’t detachable. You see, whilst the one that is in place works extremely well and the vocal audio provided by it to fellow online gamers is great, removing it always runs the risk of misplacement, leaving you short in times of need. I fully understand the reasoning behind LS running a dual mic system, letting you use this headset as an everyday lifestyle choice away from the gaming scene, listening to music, watching videos and answering phone calls with the secondary mic on your 3.5mm jack equipped mobile phone, and it works well in that respect. However the fact of the matter is that the secondary built-in microphone isn’t of the same clarity as that of the boom, and this causes frustration should you try and use it whilst gaming. 

But further to that, without the boom mic attached, it’s extremely difficult to know at a glance whether this headset is muted or not. See, there are times when you really don’t want the unsuspecting online world hearing what’s happening in your real-world life, but without the mic attached, and the glow of the red mute signal emitting muted certification, this is tricky. A sole flip-to-mute mic would have certainly been preferred for all instances.

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But, other than that? Well, once again LucidSound have nailed exactly what is needed in terms of a great gaming headset. The gel-infused earcups are a delight, keeping you cool at all times, and even though they aren’t quite as good at their job as those found in the (near twice the price) Razer Nari Ultimate, they are more than satisfactory and a pleasure to utilise. These are complemented brilliantly by a damn fine, super solid audio experience – in terms of both what is being provided by the 50mm drivers and the other way through the boom mic – and an overall design which is understatedly superb. In fact, the LS35X Wireless Headset for Xbox One is right up there with some of the very best headsets I’ve used in recent times. Oh, and if you’re one sold by the little things, the inclusion of a lovely velvet-feeling carry bag/travel case is an appreciated one. 

That doesn’t however mean this headset has become my go-to option for every day gaming sessions though… mainly because the ease of use and stunning battery levels of the amazing RIG 800LX have spoiled me. But should you be in the market for a new gaming headset and have settled on the design of the LS35X, you certainly won’t be disappointed by a purchase of this LucidSound wireless Xbox One option. 

Huge thanks go out to LucidSound for providing the LS35X Wireless Headset for Xbox One for review purposes. If you wish to grab this headset for yourself, head on over to LucidSound direct, or fire your internet browser the way of Amazon

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