Introducing the Xbox Community Game Club: Play, Share, and Discuss

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In a year where connecting through games has proven to be more important than ever, we bring you the Xbox Community Game Club—a way  for the Xbox community around the world to come together around a shared loved of gaming. Like a book club, but for games, each week we’ll feature a game for Game Club members to play, share, and discuss. The best part is that it’s all powered by Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC, so if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll have access to all of the featured games.

By joining, you’ll discover new games, make new friends, and have a chance at winning exclusive giveaways.

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps: Join, Play, Share, and Discuss

  1. Join: Visit the official Xbox Community Game Club and opt in by clicking “Join Now.”
  2. Play: Check in weekly to discover, download, and play the Game of the Week.
  3. Share: Show off your favorite moments by sharing clips and screenshots on social media using #XboxGameClub.
  4. Discuss: Visit the Xbox Community Game Club for the weekly prompt or start your own discussion using #XboxGameClub on social media.

Xbox Community Game Club Content Calendar

For the rest of the year we’re really focusing on playing together. Whether it’s a new spin on an old time classic with Tetris Effect: Connected or sailing the choppy waters in Sea of Thieves, there’s something for everybody.

Xbox Community Game Club Giveaways

Xbox Community Game Club

For gamers who join the Xbox Community Game Club in November, you’ll be entered to win one of more than a dozen prizes from partners in the Designed for Xbox program. Products include the Fusion Pro Wired controller by PowerA, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 by Turtle Beach, and many others. The Designed for Xbox program focuses on engaging with partners to build the best possible accessories for Xbox. In addition to working on future licensed accessories, the Designed for Xbox program is also working to ensure continued compatibility with ones you already own when you use them on Xbox Series X|S. See Official Rules here. Click here to learn more about Designed for Xbox.

Better as an Xbox Ambassador

The Xbox Community Game Club is open to all gamers, but the benefits continue if you are an Xbox Ambassador. By joining the Xbox Ambassadors Community, you’ll also collect XP for each Game Club Mission you complete. Ambassador XP unlocks additional opportunities for rewards and sweepstakes while also opening other chances to make a positive impact on the Xbox community.

Xbox Ambassadors have pledged to make gaming fun for everyone. Whether by sending a “GG” message after duking it out in a competitive match of Halo or friending a fellow gamer met through an LFG post playing Gears 5, we know those tiny actions can cause major ripples towards creating a more positive community. Become an Xbox Ambassador today!

Now, Go Play!

Stay tuned because we’ll be continuing to add new elements to the Xbox Community Game Club like game-based challenges, exclusive swag, more chance to win prizes and so much more. And with the beauty of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, everyone has the same game library, which enables gamers across the world to play together; Xbox Community Game Club seeks to do just that. We’d love to hear your ideas on what you’d like to see with the Xbox Community Game Club so be sure to let us know on social media using #XboxGameClub. We can’t wait to jump into games with you.

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