Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ brings survival horror to Xbox One

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Injection π23 'No Name No Number'  xbox

Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ is the latest survival horror to creep onto Xbox One and it’s not just the strange name you should be wary of, for it’s apparently going to send you into a spiralling bout of madness. Do you dare to continue reading in order to learn more about it?

Set in a real Spanish town, Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ is one of those classic horrors in which you’ll need to explore, devise strategies and solve puzzles if survival is to be achieved. Taking on the role of a lonesome character, living in seclusion with a dog, it’s an experience that sees you travel into the depths of his mind. He’s cut off from society and it’s doing nothing but torment him, which leads down a road towards utter madness and paranoia. Is it even possible to rediscover the happiness he once felt?

There’s a lot of unlockable content to unearth here, as well as various modes to delve into and multiple endings to reach. It also features four interchangeable camera types – third person, autocam, first person and fixed – depending on how you prefer to witness the goings on, which is rather thoughtful. 

If classic survival horrors are right up your dark alley, Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ is out now on the Xbox Store and costs £9.99 to own. If you do grab Injection π23 ‘No Name, No Number’ and manage to escape its madness, be sure to let us know whether you enjoy it – or not – by leaving a comment below.

Game Description:

Classic Survival Horror oriented to solving puzzles, exploration and strategy. Travel to the depths of a lonely mind that has lost contact with society and torments his own condition of being human. Take control of a character who lives in seclusion with his dog, which he considers the only reason for his existence. Can you descend in this spiral of paranoia and madness to meet your happiness again?

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