Injection π23 Coming to Xbox One

Xbox One

If you like complex challenges and classic survival horror, get ready to check out Injection π23. It’s a dark story about secret societies, mind control, human trafficking, and the human condition. We’ve created a vast and terrifying world with painstaking exploration, continuous helplessness, and heavy reliance on resource management.

Set in the real Spanish town of Malaga, a close-knit rural mountain village of about 1500 inhabitants surrounded by large and old olive trees, you can trust no one but your dog as you delve into the depths of a lonely mind that has lost contact with society. You do not identify with the moral values ​​of the people around you, whom you consider a threat. You’ll begin to questionreality, identity and the very nature of existence, in fear of your own human condition. The disjointed story is fragmented and messy, giving rise to various theories and interpretations.

You can also explore other subplots that will be related to each other as the gameplay progresses. Uncover documents, notes, audio files and cinematics to find your way through this disjointed reality. A power struggle between different organizations will unleash a series of incidents that will change the people forever.

In Injection π23 players have an inventory system with several types of objects, some equippable (like weapons), others that can be combined (like healing objects), and others can be placed strategically (like baits).

To solve the puzzles, the player must look for clues on the stage and explore each area well. You can choose from four types of cameras, from third person to first person and classic still cameras to explore a huge amount of unlockable content such as extra modes, hidden scenarios and transmedia content in over 60 hours of gameplay.

Each enemy has different levels of perception, hearing and sight. When the player is perceived, heard or seen, the corresponding icon will appear warning the player. To avoid the enemies you will have to use strategy and stealth.

Injection π23 includes a series of extra features and game modes that will be unlocked as the player completes the challenges and based on the decisions they make in the game, the endings unlocked, the global statistics and the special items collected.

In addition to the content included in the game, there is another transmedia content called ‘EXTENSION (pi)’ that can only be accessed by players who complete all the challenges.

Are you ready to enter the nightmare?

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