Hunting Simulator 2 detailed and dated for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Xbox One

Way back in June of 2017 one Hunting Simulator arrived on Xbox One. However in a market that also saw the brilliant theHunter: Call of the Wild arrive, it struggled to grab much traction. Skip forward three years though and come June 2020 Hunting Simulator 2 will arrive, with full details and that launch date today confirmed.

Due to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 25th 2020 (with a Nintendo Switch edition arriving a little later down the line), Hunting Simulator 2 from NACON and the development team at Neopica will allow you the chance to explore bigger, more varied and much more spectacular environments than before.

With a fully redesigned graphical and audio system, Hunting Simulator 2 promises many hours of challenge as you get immersed within the flora and fauna of some of the most stunning areas of Europe and the United States.

hunting simulator 2 screenshot

Whether you have played the previous game or not matters little though and thanks to a brand new UI, and more than 75 official weapons and accessories, along with over 90 clothing items from the likes of Browning, Winchester, Verney Carron and more, you can be sure that Hunting Simulator 2 will be able to cater for the hunting fans.

But what’s more, HS2 (no, not the UK’s glorious rail-line plans) will see you accompanied by a hunting dog whose abilities will be a big asset for tracking down game. You might need his help too as there are over 33 animal species to find and the AI system thrown in will ensure that each species will be recreated with their own unique and realistic behaviours.

We will of course remind you when that June 25th release date rolls around. For now though the announcement trailer below should sort you out.

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