Huge free tournament update hits Wreckfest as the American All-Stars Car Pack arrives

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Wreckfest has been improved and enhanced multiple times since launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC back in 2019, with the Backwoods Bangers and Rusty Rats content drops just two of the weird and wacky additions that have been made. Today though we see the fifth car pack arrive, alongside that of a free update in the form of a huge new tournament.

Wreckfest delivered a return to proper destruction derby when it launched last year, but now with the free tournament update, it’s being moved on once more, providing not just daily and weekly challenges, but further monthly ones as well – all of which will provide a host of super special rewards.

Fast, frequent, super easy-to-handle affairs, partaking in the new challenges in Wreckfest will allow you to increase your fame, picking up exclusive in-game loot in the process. These may be in the form of a unique vehicle, car skins, vanity items and other cosmetic items. And better still, whilst some of the challenges will ask you to utilise a DLC motor, if you don’t own it, the game will gift it to you for the duration of the challenge. Just don’t beat it up too much, yeah?

The Tournament mode also introduces four new race types, with more due to arrive later down the line. Details as follows:

  • Rumble Race: more or less a typical racing event on a track
  • Score Streak: derby mode, cause as much damage as possible to gain score
  • Rampage Rush Derby: Wreck as many as you can or as quickly as you can
  • Rampage Rush Race: Wreck as many as you can or as quickly as you can
wreckfest american car pack

Accompanying the arrival of this free update is the latest Car Pack. This time around we are witness to the American All-Stars Car Pack, the fifth in the ever increasing line. Priced up at $3.99 | €3.99 | £3.29, or available as part of the Season Pass, and available on all platforms, this provides the following three vehicles…

  • Grand Duke: The king is back! This derby classic is so tough and heavy hitting it’ll survive even the craziest races!
  • Wildking: A true American icon with lots of muscle and a surprising amount of agility.
  • Little Thrasher: Stand out from the masses with this strong truck that packs a punch.

Does the arrival of the next Car Pack and free tournament mode for Wreckfest tempt you back in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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