Head to Canada in SnowRunner Season 2: Explore & Expand DLC on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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The off-roading antics of SnowRunner are already brilliant fun, seeing you traverse all kinds of terrains, but now there’s even more enjoyment to be had via the newest downloadable content. Season 2: Explore & Expand brings the Canadian wilderness to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, which contains exciting sandbox possibilities, a set of new vehicles, and even more,

SnowRunner Season 2 throws two new maps into the mix, both set in Canada’s Yukon wilderness. They’re filled with snow-blanketed valleys, treacherous rivers and dangerous mud banks, featuring a selection of missions that allow for more creative gameplay than ever before. By expanding your operations into this new world, you can gather raw materials and use the innovative cargo crafting mechanic to build a huge processing plant from scratch. 

In addition to that, three new vehicles bolster the vehicle roster, including the CAT 770G – the biggest truck in the franchise so far. As far as your current vehicles are concerned, well, they can be customised further now, with new exclusive skins, hood ornaments and stickers. To get your hands on Season 2: Explore & Expand, you can either buy it from the Xbox Store as a standalone piece of DLC for £5.79, or bundled within the SnowRunner Season Pass, priced at £19.99.

Features include:

  • • Two new winter maps set in Yukon, Canada with brand new open-ended mission types: Scour the maps to locate resources and structures to disassemble, before crafting and delivering materials to build a huge, multi-part processing plant.
  • • New vehicles including the CAT 770G, the CAT TH357D AG, and the KRS 58 “Bandit”.
  • • New vehicle skins for the International Harvester Scout 800, the International Loadstar and more.

If you’re a bit short on cash, developers Saber Interactive are also releasing free content to coincide with the Season 2 launch. This means the next time you fire up SnowRunner, there’ll be two new trials, Xtreme cargo, an influx of new customisation items for interiors and exteriors, as well as some new missions for the existing Alaska and Taymyr maps. Seems like a win/win situation whether you grab the paid DLC, or not.

Make sure you leave us a comment below with your thoughts regarding the second of four planned DLC offerings for SnowRunner!

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DLC Description:

Take your SnowRunner experience to wild territories in Season 2: Explore & Expand, with two freezing maps in Yukon, Canada, three new vehicles, exclusive vehicle skins and a unique objective! The Season 2: Explore & Expand DLC is available as part of the Season Pass and Premium Edition, or as a standalone purchase.

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