Head back to the 70s with the latest Mix Song Pack for Rocksmith

Xbox One

Fed up with the world and wish you could head back a few decades to the 1970s? Well you can with the latest Song Pack for Rocksmith as once more the powers that be take us back in time for the Rocksmith 70s Mix Song Pack VI.

Available to add into your base Rocksmith experience right this very minute are no less than three new tunes that have been ripped straight out of the 1970s, with the unmistakeable Carly Simon, Chicago and George Benson providing the goods.

Priced up at £6.69 for the full song pack, the Rocksmith 70s Mix Song Pack VI is the latest mix and match song pack to hit the fastest guitar tutor in the West, with it providing new tunes aplenty for would-be guitarists on Xbox and PlayStation. Included in that pack are…

  • “Breezin’” – George Benson
  • “You’re so Vain” – Carly Simon
  • “Saturday in the Park” – Chicago

No matter whether you are a novice guitar player taking your first steps on the road to stardom, or a grizzled veteran with fingers of steel and are just looking for your next hit, Rocksmith delivers on the tunes front once more. But should you not really fancy grabbing this entire Mix Song Pack VI, perhaps instead having spent your recent cash on the likes of the Sixx:AM or Green Day packs, then you’ll be pleased to hear that each track is also available individually with just a £2.49 price attached.

In order to grab the Rocksmith 70s Mix Song Pack VI then you’ll need to head to the Xbox Store – should you be rocking out on Xbox One or Xbox 360 – or the PlayStation Store should you prefer that way of life. With Rocksmith promising to make you a guitar master in next to no time, anyone even slightly tempted by the experience would do well to hit up our full review and then grab a copy of the base game.

As always, if you do pick up any of these latest tunes, or just want to let us know which bands and musical genres the Rocksmith gods should be adding to the game, hit up the comments section below.

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