Getting to Know Guu Ma, Road to Guangdong’s Most Prominent Character

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After spending so much time working on Road to Guangdong’s story, and now that the rest of the team are busy working on preparations for the upcoming release, I find myself pining for Guu Ma, who, to me, is the most important character in the story.

Guu Ma is Cantonese for the oldest paternal aunt. In this story that opens with Sunny losing her parents to a tragic accident, Guu Ma steps into the parental role swiftly due to her rank and situation. In the game, you play Sunny, and your relationship with Guu Ma has to develop in order for you to fulfil Sunny’s parents’ final wishes for Sunny to take over the family restaurant.

Initially, Guu Ma, like any other character, might trick you into believing that she’s just a typical aunt, who has dedicated her whole life to managing the family restaurant. Whether it becomes obvious or not, Guu Ma’s background is complicated. Though she was the most conscientious and responsible of the Tong siblings, the family restaurant was given to Sunny’s father, the oldest male. And in this latest distressing turn of events, Guu Ma has to support her niece, who has no experience in restauranting, through not only grief, but also a chance to change the conservative patriarchal practices of the culture, by successfully managing the restaurant.

Guu Ma cares like all good matriarchs, with tough love. And if Sunny is able to prove herself to Guu Ma, then things will get easier for them both. Guu Ma might even show her softer side.

Whatever happens, Guu Ma will always be Sunny’s harshest critic and biggest cheerleader. If it gets too much, just go for a drive and hope that Guu Ma will be lulled into a nap. Some zen driving might help you cool off from Guu Ma’s nagging, though be warned that she won’t stand for Sandy the car being treated badly.

Are you ready to meet Guu Ma and begin your relationship with her?

Road to Guangdong launches August 28 on Xbox One, and is available to pre-order now! If you can’t wait to try it out, a Road to Guangdong demo is available as part of the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event until July 27.

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Road to Guangdong

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Penned by acclaimed author Yen Ooi, this captivating coming-of-age tale is set against the evocative backdrop of 90s China.

Sunny’s life is at a crossroads. She knows everything’s about to change. She just doesn’t know how yet. She glances again at the contract. The good news is she’s now the proud owner of her family‘s cherished restaurant. The bad news? It’s seen better days.

A tap at the door announces the arrival of her aunt, Guu Ma. Yep, everything’s about to change alright. But the “how” part will be decided by a bunch of strangers she’s only seen in faded photographs.

Embark on a journey of discovery

On a mission to revive their struggling family restaurant, Sunny and Guu Ma must visit long-lost relatives in search of secrets that will bring diners flooding back. But it won’t be easy. The long trip with her ageing aunt will truly test their relationship as cultural differences bubble to the surface. Only by making tough choices along the way will Sunny discover what fate has in store for her.

Keep your car on the road

A treasured part of her family for longer than Sunny can remember, Sandy has carried her loved ones through many a crisis. But her beloved car is falling apart and she’ll need a helping hand to respond to this latest emergency. Only careful driving and regular checks under the bonnet will enable her to carry Sunny to the climax of her quest.

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