Get one up on the game with the Stealth XP-Camo range of gaming headsets

Xbox One

Occasionally, when duty calls for it, a stealthy approach is needed, and with the latest range of gaming headsets from Stealth – the XP-Camo – you’ll certainly be found to be well equipped to deal with both in-game, and real-world scenarios.

Stealth by name, and stealth by nature, the Stealth XP-Camo range of headsets for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile and tablet – anything that’s got a 3.5mm jack in fact – is the latest go-to headset of choice for gamers looking for a proper old lifestyle choice.

No matter what your arena calls for, Stealth are ensuring that there’s an XP-Camo headset to suit: the arctic camouflage of the XP-CONQUEROR; the desert camouflage of the XP-WARRIOR; or classic woodland camouflage of the XP-CRUISER. So if you find yourself camped behind a bush in COD Modern Warfare, streaming some shows on the beach or listening to your favourite playlists under a snow-capped bus shelter, the XP-Camo range of headsets has you covered.

The Stealth XP-Camo range all feature an adjustable, padded headband that comes coupled with flexible ear cushions to give all-round comfort. But it’s not just the externals that look good, and everything found within is of quality too – 40mm speaker drivers ensuring every detail is crystal clear.

Furhter still, these headsets also feature an innovative L-shaped 3.5mm jack plug, which works as a brilliant alternative design providing better protection for the, typically weak, jack plug. If anything, it should well ensure that the Stealth headsets last a bit longer than normal. They also come with removable, flexible mics too, allowing for full control over both in-game and chat volume — as well as muting the microphone.

Should you prefer to play your games on PS4 or PC, then the real jewel is the XP-WIRELESS CRUISER, offering even more freedom and flexibility, with a wireless operating range of 10 metres courtesy of an independent transmitter. With a built-in rechargeable battery, packing in up to 15 hours of gameplay, it will see gamers through even the most arduous campaign. Much like its XP-Camo namesake, it also sports a classic woodland camouflage design.

“We’re all very proud of the XP-Camo headset range as it celebrates gaming, not only as a pastime but through its evolution into a lifestyle.” Commented Paul Carrington, Sales Director for STEALTH.

“The purpose of these products is to offer a robust, premium-feel, entry-level option for gamers, streamers and audio fans alike. We’re gamers too though, so we look out for all the key game launches — COD’s always a big one and we hope the XP-Camo finds favour with the latest generation of virtual soldiers out there!”

Should you wish to get hands-on with a new headset and reckon the offerings from Stealth are for you then you can find the XP-Camo range available now from Argos, Amazon, and all leading game retailers. Let us know if you decide to pick a set up.

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