Gears 5 Comes Locked and Loaded with Updates for Xbox Series X|S, Available November 10

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The coming few weeks are going to be busy in the world of Gears of War.

On November 10th, Gears 5 is getting a major campaign update and, for those that picked up a Xbox Series X | S, Gears 5 will receive a big technical update; and if that isn’t enough, Gears Tactics is also coming out. We’re following that up with Operation 5 releasing November 17. Finally, the Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC is releasing this December.

What a great time to be a Gears of War fan!

Gears 5 Campaign Update

Let’s breakdown what you will see in our massive Gears 5 campaign update.

Dave Batista in Gears 5

A side-by-side picture featuring Marcus Fenix on the left and Batista on the right.

The living legend Dave Batista is coming to Gears 5!

Dave Batista is a huge Gears of War and Marcus Fenix fan, so we jumped at the chance to get him in the game. We worked with him re-recorded all of Marcus’ lines while the art team meticulously recreated his likeness. The end result is Dave Batista is present throughout the campaign in both gameplay and cinematic moments.

For those who want to keep the classic Gears feel – the original Marcus is still there too.

The Look of Multiplayer in Campaign

Kait Daiz and Del Walker featuring some of their available multiplayer skins, which also highlights the graphical upgrades of the Xbox Series X version of the game.

Since Gears 5 has launched, we’ve added tons of new character and weapon skins. Until now, these skins were only available in Multiplayer but not any longer. Starting November 10, you play as your favorite character and weapon skins in campaign. Note: This only applies to characters playable in each chapter and the skins will be visible in the cut scenes.

Gears 5 gets more Challenging

For those that think they’ve got what it takes, we’ve added two new modes for you to show us what you’ve got.

We’ve brought back the popular yet diabolical Inconceivable Mode. The hardest version of Gears 5 is here to push you to your limits.

If that’s not enough, Ironman Mode is for you. It’s simple, just complete the campaign without dying in any difficulty. No problem, right?

We can’t wait to see the people that complete the dual Ironman/ Inconceivable mode.

And for the achievement hunters out there, we’ve added 5 new achievements (95 Gamerscore)

Ironed OutComplete all chapters in Ironman Mode on Experienced difficulty or above50
That’s Inconceivable!Complete all chapters on Inconceivable difficulty30
Showin’ a little skinComplete a chapter of Campaign while using a Custom Skin5
Just showing it offKill 10 enemies using a weapon with a Custom Skin5
Batista BombComplete all chapters in one Act while Batista as Marcus is enabled5

Gears 5 Mutators

Del Walker and Kait Daiz with black outlines surrounding their profiles, featuring graphics from the Xbox Series X version of the game

One of the biggest updates we’re making is the addition of 16 mutators that will change the look, difficulty, and experience of Gears 5’s campaign.

We’ve even giving you the option to even select multiple mutators at the same time (as long as they don’t cancel each other out). For example, if you want Big Heads, Friendly Fire on and Gears 1 visuals – we’ve got you covered. 

We know the Gears Fam is very creative so make sure to send us your favorite mutator combinations!

 OFFStandard Gears 5 visuals
Big head mode Bounce HeadAll enemies and allies have large bouncing heads 
 Big HeadAll enemies and allies have their heads enlarged
Active ReloadNormalStandard Gears 5 active reload mechanic
 Refills clipGet free ammo on a successful active reload
 Reload only when successfulReload only happens on a successful active reload
Execution RulesON / OFFToggle option so downed swarm enemies can only be killed through executions 
Play as a drone ON / OFFToggle option to have your heroes replaced with a Swarm Drone. This will override your skin selection.
Headshot explosionNormalStandard Gears 5 headshot visuals
 ConfettiHeads explode into confetti
 GrenadeHeads explode damaging nearby enemies
Health RegenerationNormalStandard Gears 5 health regeneration 
 CoverRegenerate health only while in cover
 DamageRegenerate health only when dealing damage
 Cover or DamageRegenerate health only while in cover or when dealing damage
 Out of combatRegenerate health only after a combat encounter is done
Melee Resistant JuviesON / OFFToggle this option to make Juvies harder to kill with melee attacks
Enemy ModifiersNormalStandard Gears 5 enemy damage or health
 ShockEnemies deal area shock damage
 VampiricEnemies heal when dealing damage
 FreezingEnemies deal freezing damage
 PoisonEnemies leave a poison pool behind when killed
 Passive RegenEnemies regenerate health after not taking damage
Low Gravity Death ON / OFFToggle this option to have enemies float in the air when killed
Total AmmoNormalStandard Gears 5 amount of ammo you can carry
 HalfReduce total ammo available per weapon
 DoubleIncrease total ammo available per weapon
Aggressive EnemiesON / OFFToggle option to make all enemies behave more aggressively
Friendly FireON / OFFToggle option to allow damage between allies
Shielded enemiesON / OFFToggle option to have Grenadiers, Hunters and Scions have an invulnerable front shield
Voiced gun soundsON / OFFToggle Option to replace the gun sounds with voiced effects
Jack CooldownsNormalStandard Gears 5 cooldown for Jack’s abilities 
 HalvedJack’s ability cooldowns are halved
 FastJack’s ability cooldowns are minimized
Screen Effects OFFStandard Gears 5 visual effects 
 Golden HourEnable the Golden Hour look
 Film GreenEnable the Film Green look
 Film BlueEnable the Film Blue look
 Gears 1 Enable the Gears 1 look
 Gears 2Enable the Gears 2 look
 Gears 3Enable the Gears 3 look
 GrayscaleEnable the Grayscale look
 Pink UnicornEnable the Pink Unicorn look
 Movie PosterEnable the Movie Poster look
 Kait’s NightmareEnable Kait’s Nightmare look
 Retro PixelEnable the Retro Pixel look
 Glow OutlineEnable the Glow Outline look
 Cartoon OutlineEnable the Cartoon outline look
 TrippingEnable the Tripping look
 ScanlinesEnable the Scanlines look
 Heat VisionEnable the Heat Vision look
 DistortionEnable the Distortion look
 Vintage FilmEnable the Vintage Film look
 SketchEnable the Sketch look

Gears 5 Xbox Series X | S technical Updates

A side-by-side comparison of the visuals of Gears 5 on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X

The power of the new Xbox Series X | S means Gears 5 will feel more responsive and look better than it ever! Here is a breakdown of the technical upgrades you should expect the first time you fire up Gears 5 on your new Xbox.

  • PC Ultra visual feature set (this is more true on Series X)
  • PC Ultra-HD texture pack (Series X only)
  • 60 FPS (Series X only) cinematics allowing more seamless blending between gameplay and cinematics
  • 120 FPS in Versus
  • Screen Space Global Illumination which gives your scene dynamic bounce lighting
  • Contact Shadows allowing per-pixel accurate shadowing
  • 4x improvement in load times
  • 50% more particles than PC Ultra
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) for more responsive gaming

These updates will be available on November 10!

We’ve got lots more news coming about Gears of War over the coming weeks so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest details and announcements.

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