Final batch of Revival gear arrives in Dead or Alive 6

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For years it has been felt that the Dead or Alive series of games was one that was ripe for DLC picking. With KOEI TECMO able to deliver a vast amount of downloadable content for Dead or Alive 5, it was inevitable that the same series of ideas would also provide Dead or Alive 6 players with similar opportunities. Today though that all seems to be coming to a close with the final round of Dead or Alive 6 DLC now in place. That may come as a disappointment to many, but hey, at least your wallet will no longer be taking a battering.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC is the last set of downloadable uniforms for Dead or Alive 6. Once more working the ‘revival’ route, these bring new School Uniforms and High Society Costumes for the fighters of DOA6 to embrace.

Should you feel in the need for a new skin or two and wish to see your Dead or Alive 6 fighters battle it out in new gear, then there are now School Uniforms and High Society costumes in place for the following fighters…

  • Tina,
  • Kasumi,
  • Helena,
  • Kokoro,
  • Leifang,
  • Ayane,
  • La Mariposa,
  • Christie,
  • Hitomi,
  • Mila,
  • Marie Rose,
  • Nyotengu,
  • Honoka,
  • NiCO,
  • Phase 4,
  • Momiji,
  • Rachel,
  • Tamaki

Each of the costumes now available will set you back £1.69, whilst those wishing to go all-in with the School Uniform Set or the High Society Costume Set should expect to be found paying £19.99 for the privilege. You will of course need the base game of Dead or Alive 6 in place prior to even considering these options, but chances are, if you’re interested enough to read this, that game is already well worn.

As always, if these latest sets of DLC for DOA6 don’t float your boat, then there are numerous other options available. The likes of the Santa’s Bikini content are right up there with some of the best, but you should also possibly consider the Gym Wear, or the Pirates of the Seven Seas stuff.

Let us know in the comments which of the DOA6 DLC options you will be taking up. Are you disappointed to see the long-running content saga come to an end?

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