Fast firing party shooter The Otterman Empire coming to Xbox One, Switch and PC in early 2020!

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Selling itself as Mario Party meets Splatoon, with a ton of jetpack-propelled airborne action thrown in for good measure, The Otterman Empire has today found itself a release window, with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC players needing to prepare themselves for a world full of collaboration and competition.

Coming from Tri-Heart Interactive, The Otterman Empire will be bringing local multiplayer action to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2020, giving you just enough time to round up the troops to prepare for an experience that threatens to become a friendship making – or breaking – party game!

The Otterman Empire will see you placed in control of a jetpack powered otter, before dropping you between the split-screen multiplayer lines to take down your foes. Blurring the shooting and party genres into one, this is a game that is hugely focused on the jetpack way of life, adding a captivating new twist to shoot ‘em up versus gameplay whilst intensifying the frenzied fun tenfold.

Played out via two minute rounds, you’ll be tasked with hitting new objectives, taking in unique rules and working with specific gameplay dynamics, as randomly generated objectives and supply drops keep players on their toes, guaranteeing that no two games of The Otterman Empire are ever the same.

Choosing your otter, customising your jetpack, adding a weapon of spectacular power will set you up for a leap into an otterly epic local multiplayer blast-fest with rapidly switching objectives and aerial antics, all set across a sprawling universe where otters reign supreme.

It promises to bring a compelling single player option which sees you flying solo in the face of evil, alongside progressive cooperative campaigns in which players will need to work together, as all that stands between deranged scientist, Tiko, and his destruction of the empire. Featuring a huge variety of challenges across an entire galaxy, intense and immersive campaign modes put the fate of the world in the players’ paws!

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Since its inception, The Otterman Empire has been a community-driven project, extensively playtested and refined with the help of a thriving and dedicated fan base providing feedback at every stage. “Working with the community hands-on has been a big eye-opener for us as developers,” said Tri-Heart Interactive Managing Director, Kieran Rogers. “Coming out the gate as a ‘community-driven game developer’ has impacted the choices we’ve made every step of the way. Having a tight-knit community that is as invested in the game as much as we are, gives us a broader perspective on a project that we are so close to and it has helped us to create a party game we’re really proud of.”

Game Features Include:

  • · Eight dynamic local multiplayer modes including the fast-paced, Squiditch, explosive Detonator and sharp-shooting Target Practice.
  • · Compelling campaign mode with a huge variety of challenges across an entire galaxy.
  • · Ten completely customizable characters with a range of unlockable helmets, jetpacks and antenna to truly make your otter your own.
  • · Eight lush and detailed planets including the huge volcanic base station, Fishmonger Base, the technological playground, Ottopolis and the beautiful overgrown temples of Lontra.
  • · A unique combination of competition and collaboration which delivers a range of challenges with unpredictable outcomes.

Will you be checking out The Otterman Empire when it comes to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC? We went hands-on with it way back in 2017 and were very impressed then, so can’t wait to be able to check it out for real. Let us know your thoughts though – the comments section is below.

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