Face Your Own Childhood Fears in The Inner Friend

Xbox One

As you dive into your subconscious mind through an Alice in Wonderland type world, you will be confronted by your deepest childhood fears. The player will have to deal with a heavy atmosphere, manage the tension, the oppression and will have to accept to be vulnerable at certain moments. Will you be ready to face what hides in the darkest corners of your mind?

Are you familiar with Freudian theory? In The Inner Friend the unconscious reappears as a stranger in front of you. This disturbing strangeness pushes you to explore and surpass yourself in order to reach the next steps. But it also pushes you to face your fears, making you see stronger themes that you would have preferred to bury. In addition, the game is inspired by another concept of Carl Jung called the “inner child” which is based on the idea that we have all been children and that child still lives in us. The Inner Friend will take you back to your memories and make you relive your childhood, to make you face your fears and overcome them again and again.

The Inner Friend

As the levels go by, your deepest fears will resurface, whether it’s the fear of the hairdresser as a child, the fear of school or the fear of abandonment and much more. You will have to earn the Shadow’s trust to unlock new challenges and pieces of the story. Also, rebuild the Shadow’s safe haven won’t be easy, you will have to save him from his darkest fears and collect all the artifacts to do so.

Created by PlayMind, this French-Canadian indie studio presents you with a third person psychological horror game with a playful, poetic and spooky adventure about the discovery of the “inner child”. The Inner Friend originally launched on PC in 2018 and won a series of awards at conventions and independent gaming festivals including Best in Play at GDC Play 2019, Best Experimental Game at TGS 2018, and Best in Show at the Montreal Indie Games Festival 2017.

The Inner Friend

Do you think you have what it takes to fight your fears? Well, we all have fears, so we wish you good luck in dealing with each one and reconnecting with your childhood. Learn more about The Inner Friend don’t’ hesitate to follow us on Facebook – The Inner Friend, @PlayMind on Twitter, or check at our Website. See you in your nightmares!

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The Inner Friend




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Dive in and remember…

Led by a mysterious Shadow, face fears and nightmares inhabiting its materialized subconscious universe. Dive into a unique and eerie world to relive the Shadow’s childhood memories and overcome them to restore what was once a safe haven. You’ll journey ever deeper through the subconscious to unravel a rich but wordless story and encounter gruesome beings that you must evade. Ultimately, however, you will have to face them.

The Inner Friend features a rich visual environment, supported by an immersive soundscape and a cinematic soundtrack enhancing immersion and emotional moments. Movement, imagery, and music are the main ways for the player to interact with the Shadow, their guide throughout the descent. Dark and scary, mysterious at times, the world of The Inner Friend is a surrealist representation of memories and fears.”

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