Expand your toybox with the free Suburban Pack for Tracks – The Train Set Game

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tracks the train set game suburban pack

When the delightful Tracks – The Train Set Game rocked up on to Xbox One at the back end of 2019 we could never have imagined what joy it would bring. But if truth be told, the relaxing atmosphere and utterly unique world building found within ensured that it hit a spot with many gamers. Today though that entire world of Tracks expands – and for free – with the arrival of the Suburban Pack.

Free DLC is always welcome in these parts and that is no more true here as the Tracks – The Train Set Game Suburban Pack delivers a whole host of new items to the sandbox world. Free of charge and available to download into your game right this minute, you’ll find that the Suburban Pack drops in more than 30 new items for use – with new buildings, passengers, animals and vehicles all present.

These, when combined with the multitude of objects already in place, will allow you to build your own little piece of suburbia in the virtual scene, before sending your train around to survey your expansion. Whether you thought you were done with the game or not, the inclusion of free downloadable content is something that is extremely difficult to turn down.

With Tracks – The Train Set Game present and correct in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, in effect, you could well be playing through the brilliant base game AND this DLC for absolutely zero cost. And that sees this all become a bit of a no-brainer. Just get over to the Xbox Store right now, grab your download and enjoy the relaxing times of building your own unique train set.

DLC Description:

Jump back into Tracks – The Train Set Game with this completely free DLC: the Suburban pack! Expand your toybox with over 30 new items to use in your worlds. Unlock a world of suburbia, with new buildings, passengers, animals and vehicles. Why not build a town square, with the new pub, cinema, cafe, school and bus stop? Perhaps create a local play park, with the new slide, swing set and ice cream van? Tracks’ already expansive toy sandbox has just got bigger. This is the perfect opportunity to return to the wonderfully relaxing toy train set builder and hop back into the driver’s cabin.

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