Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing World of Phogs!

Xbox One


  • Phogs! is out now with Xbox Game Pass so what better time to learn more about the fantastical worlds they live in?
  • Aside from the adorably resourceful and stretchy doggos, Red and Blue, there are some wonderful things to explore across the three themed worlds of Food, Sleep, and Play.
  • Here are just a few things we think you’ll really love…

Phogs! is here just in time for the holidays! What better way to spend the festive break than grabbing, borking, and stretching your way through this delightfully whimsical yet challenging puzzle game? Thanks to local and online multiplayer, you can even play together with your bestie, whether they are on the couch next to you, or miles apart.

So, what can you expect to find in the wonderful world of Phogs? Aside from the adorably resourceful and stretchy doggos, Red and Blue, there are some wonderful things to explore across the three themed worlds of Food, Sleep, and Play. Here’s a few we really love…

Hold up… What the heck is a Phog anyway?

Ah yes, the Phogs! Well, Red and Blue are an adorable two-headed doggo linked by a stretchy belly. Although they share a body, they are very different personalities if you ask us. You could say Blue is the genius whereas Red is insane, but they both share a love of solving puzzles, barking at birds, and devouring pizza of course.

Food World

Food world is heaven for Phogs (and most humans too). It’s a place where you will never go hungry. You won’t just be eating in this tasty world, though, there are lots of pesky ‘muchlets’ to herd up or chase away, vegetables to be picked and ‘Wallermelons’ to be watered. 


Along the way you’ll meet some of the other Food World residents like the lovable Farmers who will pet you if you’re a good doggo. You might even find yourself whipping up a meal with an eight-legged chef named Choctopus. Oh, and have we mentioned the spas? Being a Phog is a pretty good life.

Play World

Play World is what you get when you mix all the best things about a carnival and arcade, then add even more wacky colors, magical minigames, and two very excited doggos. Sounds good, right? If you thought a stretchy dog without opposable thumbs couldn’t play mini-golf, zorb, or operate a claw machine, you’d be wrong!


Oh look – a train set to chase!

Sleep World

As you work your way through a sleepy land of mattress forts and bouncy pillows, you, Red and Blue will be met by a whole host of dreamy creatures that need your help to either wake up or fall asleep, which is more difficult that it might sound. Use the friendly Glorbs to help light your way and say hello to Granny Spider as she knits, while helping a wise old owl read her book.


We hope you’ll agree, Phogs! might just be the whimsical fun we all need and deserve this year. These are just some of the wonderful things you’ll find across the game’s three worlds, so be sure to take a trip to the Phoggyverse. Red & Blue can’t wait to meet you!

Xbox Live



Xbox Game Pass

In PHOGS! you play as a duo of dogs on a captivating, puzzle-filled adventure. Linked by a stretchy belly, you’ll need to bark, bite and bounce your way through obstacles set across the themed worlds of Food, Sleep and Play, in co-op or single-player.

Forage through Food World, teeming with tasty treats. From hot buttered toast to chopped celery… even a river of chocolate!

Stroll through Sleep World, complete with teddy bears, cushions and quilts, all nestled in the glow of the soothing night-light.

Pounce through the crazy toybox of Play World, exploring a beach amusement park, a retro arcade, and everything in between. Woof!

Supporting single-player and shared-controller gameplay, plus local and online co-op, Red and Blue are always ready to play!

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