Dodge and destroy as Red Death blasts on to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Xbox One
red death xbox one

It’s red and it’s all about death and destruction. But are you ready for a cheap new bullet hell shmup? Red Death is here and providing Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch players the opportunity to dodge, destroy and take down numerous waves of deadly enemies.

Available to purchase and download this very minute on Xbox One – with PS4 and Nintendo Switch launches accompanying it – Red Death is the latest shmup to deliver bullet hell mechanics whilst letting us attempt to save the world.

Priced at £4.19, Red Death works as the prologue to the previously released Project Starship, as eastasiasoft work with just 4-tones to provide a slightly different type of shoot em up to the norm.

With multiple waves of enemies to blast from existence, a deep story mode that will test your skills, and the chance to not just mess around with upgradeable weapons and power-ups, but also to place on good old leaderboards, for the very low price Red Death on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch seems to offer plenty.

Features include:

  • Survive waves of intense bullet hell action!
  • Enjoy an intriguing Story Mode across a number of scripted levels.
  • Test your limits with endless randomized challenges in Arcade Mode.
  • Compete for the highest score in old-school arcade style.
  • Upgrade weapons with numerous power pickups.
  • Charge and unleash vicious Overload attacks to turn the tide of battle!

Willing to give Red Death a shot? Loved what came about via Project Starship and need to see how this one plays out? The usual digital stores will sort you out with the Xbox Store our most advised option. Let us know if you pick it up – and make sure you keep an eye out for our review too.

Game Description:

Dodge and destroy! Blast through waves of arcane enemies and take down monstrous bosses as you defend the earth against an unknown calamity. As a prologue to Project Starship, vertical bullet hell shoot’em up Red Death sets a collision course against a full-scale invasion bent on eradicating humanity, presented in nostalgic 4-tone style!

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