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We’ve had Jurassic World Evolution, we know that Dino Crisis is on the way back, and Second Extinction is kicking around in the background. But it seems like the dinosaur is the current love affair for many gaming devs, especially now that Dinos Reborn has been announced for console and PC.

Dinos Reborn comes from the development team at HardCodeWay and will be published on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation by the Vision Edge Entertainment team in 2022. when it does arrive you should expect to find a mysterious planet at the fore of what is going on, one in which you’ll be slap bang in the middle of, left to fend for yourself, crafting, navigating and full on surviving as you try to discover your identity and work out what is going on. The problem is, this land will have many predators, but also, much prey.

Running as an open world FPP survival title, Dinos Reborn on Xbox (we would suspect Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), PlayStation (okay to call it now on PS4 and PS5?) and PC doesn’t, on the face of it sound like anything new – after-all, ARK: Survival Evolved has tried pretty much the same thing. But the announcement trailer down below is well worth a watch anyways, and the Steam page is ready and willing to take your Wishlisting cash, so feel free to hop in. We’re definitely interested to see where this dino adventure goes to though, mainly as, well, we’re just like those devs and can’t get enough of the Jurassic lark.

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Key features include:

  • Survive in the wild – In this world, the number of ways you can die and things that can kill you is essentially limitless. Hunger, thirst, fatigue – fail to manage them, and you’re gone. An infected wound that you didn’t take care of. The world around you is as dangerous as it is beautiful and mysterious. Exploring vast amounts of the terrain might reveal more wonders and unexpected encounters than you would expect. It’s up to you which direction to go next.
  • Explore the unknown – The world around you is as dangerous as it is beautiful and mysterious. Exploring vast amounts of the terrain might reveal more wonders and unexpected encounters than you would expect. It’s up to you which direction to go next.
  • Develop your crafting skills – You begin on this unknown planet with only your bare hands, sticks, and stones. You need food, water, shelter, fire, medicine, weapons, and many other things if you want to stay alive. The catch – you need to do all of this yourself. Tools will lead you to weapons, weapons to food, food to strength, strength to the ability to build traps, snares, fortifications, shelters, and eventually an entire base. The last will be crucial to your survival, which is your ultimate goal.
  • Become a hunter – The rules of this planet are quite simple. Kill or be killed. Hunt or become prey. Eat or be eaten. Here, even the smallest insect can become the cause of your doom. Simultaneously, you will often encounter creatures that will tolerate or even like you. Discovering who is friend versus foe will be one of the most important tasks ahead of you.
  • Become a professional animal tracker – Learn how to sneak up on creatures. Analyze their tracks, observe their habits, look for their weak points, and find the best moment to attack. Remember that each animal has a different sense of smell, hearing, and sight. As an experienced hunter, you will be able to hunt at night, but so will the creatures hunting you, so you should be all eyes and ears at all times.
  • Fast learning will be your key to success – Forget about typical stat tables or character development trees. If you want to master a particular skill, you’ll need first to learn it the old-fashioned way. That means reading books, tutorials, and notes, as well as observing and repeating the same actions over and over until you start performing them automatically.

Use the dynamically-changing weather conditions to your advantage – For reasons unknown to you, the weather here is very unstable. It changes frequently, rapidly, and without any warning. Make sure you make the most of it. Move unnoticed and unheard in heavy rain. Use cloudless days for work. Avoid thick fog as it’s easy to get lost in, and beware of thunderstorms that will try to destroy what you have built.

Let us know in the comments what you think though. There’s still some way to go before we see Dinos Reborn hitting PC and console, so we’ll keep you totally in the loop with any developmental progress.

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