Come Hop Into Trove’s Bunfest on Xbox One

Xbox One

Oh my, Trovians, have you heard the news? Trove has been overrun with a bountiful bunanza of bopping bunnies! From the lush Medieval Highlands to sun-baked Geode Topside, from the depths of Treasure Isles to the eyries of the Skylands they’ve taken over the worlds of Trove!

Trove - Bunfest

To trick us, they’ve hidden some eggs with unbunlievable treasures. Choc them and take a peep inside, you might even find a shiny surprise. Besides, if you have a sweet tooth you’re in for a treat! You can find chocolate all around to craft specialties that might come in candy.

Trove - Bunfest

Still feeling gluttonous? Not only does Qubesly offer you a choice buffet of eight new quests to take you through these eggciting two weeks, you can also find a trio of new NPCs in their new Hub hangout to sweetly whisper you new chores that come with their own rewards. To make things even more festive, the Hub will also host crafting benches eggspecially designed to meet your creative needs in this brand-new marvel of Trovian architecture.

Trove - Bunfest

Use chocolaty delights to create your own colorful surprises and hide them all over the different worlds for your fellow Trovians to discover. But don’t forget during all that fun, there are new dangers hopping around! Some heavily armed bunnies have set foot in the world of Trove and they’re ready to defend their gargantuan egg fortresses. Fight them and earn some tasty rewards.

Trove - Bunfest

What a bun-anza of things to do! After all this handiwork you might want to enjoy some sweets yourself and releggs a bit — but remember, there’s always more to find in Trove.

Trove - Bunfest

It’s Bunfest after all!

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Trove – Going Green now live!

Gardening is now bigger and better than ever. With new ways to craft, new plants to harvest, and new food to eat… It’s time to dig in!

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