Change the rules once more with the Cardpocalypse: Out of Time DLC and Time Warp Edition

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When Cardpocalypse rolled out onto the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch store pages at the end of 2019, no-one could have expected it to twist up the collectible card rules in the way that it did. Now though it’s doing it again with the arrival of a new DLC pack and full bundle. 

Easy to grasp, fun to play, full of humour and packed with Easter Eggs galore; our review of Cardpocalypse on Xbox One was completed with a ton of praise. But that doesn’t mean the team at Versus Evil are letting us just get on with it and after already having delivered a roguelike Gauntlet mode earlier in the year, we are seeing a new Out of Time DLC pack arrive. 

Priced at £6.69, Out of Time works as a standalone Cardpocalypse adventure, one that follows Jess’ first week at school. it is here though where Jess happens upon Tock – a time-traveling Pipsqueak champ – who traps her in a time loop, running the same school day over and over again. Disaster. 

Thankfully a new Champion card is found in Jess’ pocket and it is with this which she’ll find a way out of the loop, defeating Tock and saving the world. 

Out of Time promises to deliver brand new card gaming opportunities to players, letting us test our skills in ways we never previously thought. With a unique upgrade tree to explore, new Power Pets cards in play and everything playable in Gauntlet mode too, if you’re a fan of Cardpocalypse then this is certainly going to be worth adding to the game. 

Features include:

  • • A whole new standalone campaign! Build your collection and change the rules once more.
  • • Test your card gaming skills against a series of new enemy champions.
  • • Stuck in a time loop? Have some fun!
  • • Find new combos! Bloop, a special neutral champion can use cards from every faction.
  • • Build the Champion you want. Bloop has a unique upgrade tree to explore.
  • • Find brand new Power Pets cards!
  • • Bloop and all the new cards are also added to Gauntlet mode for endless possibilities!

The Xbox Store will sort you out with the usual download, whilst those without the base game would probably do well to go all-in with the Cardpocalypse: Time Warp Edition for £24.99. It is this which delivers the standard game along with the new DLC. Expect to find the new content on other game stores too. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick this up. 

DLC Description:

Out of Time is a standalone adventure set within the final day of Jess’ first week at her new school. On the verge of saving the world, Jess encounters Tock, the time-traveling Pipsqueak champion. Tock hurls Jess back in time, trapping her in a time loop where she is forced to relive the same school day over and over again like she was some sort of giant marmot. To add insult to injury, Jess loses her decks in the time-traveling process. Magically, Jess finds a brand new champion card in her pocket. It’s Bloop! Bloop is the only neutral champion in the game, a known weakling in the Mega Mutant Power Pets realm, but perhaps Jess can do something about that? Now Jess and Bloop must join forces to defeat Tock, get out of the time loop, and get back to saving the world!

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