Best Xbox Streaming Apps to Help You Socialize While Self-Isolating

Xbox One
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Self-isolation can be a lonely time for many of us. As humans, we thrive when surrounded by people and the relationships we have with each other bring us happiness in different ways. Whether you are isolating alone, with a flat or housemate, your partner or with your family, finding different people to interact with is important for your mental wellbeing, especially during this worrying time. Luckily for us, technology works in our favor when it comes to connecting and interacting with different people. Many of us have access to a games console, which can be used to our advantage. If you are an Xbox owner and you need to interact and socialize with some new people, today we will be looking at the best streaming apps to encourage socialization during self-isolation. 


Twitch is the world’s largest destination for live video game broadcasts. It is available across all Xbox devices, as well as other consoles and is one of the best Xbox streaming apps. It attracts around 140 million monthly viewers, who will spend hours viewing the platform’s 2 million-plus creators. People use it to watch pre-recorded or live streaming videos of the broadcaster’s gameplay. The players give audio commentary and there is also a live running chat from the viewers on the screen. You can use this to communicate with other viewers as well as the broadcaster. 


Skype is a popular method of communication with people all around the world. It is available on all Xbox devices. The best thing about Skype is that you don’t have to have an Xbox to use it, as it is available to download on tablets, laptops, smartphones and smartwatches as well as Xbox. With Skype, you can have one-to-one or group video and audio chats for free. Skype also provides an instant messaging service. You can speak to anyone in the world using Skype, if you have their Skype ID, and you can even watch movies together via video calls. 


Mixer is Microsoft’s game-streaming service that provides speedy live broadcasts that are appreciated by live streaming fanatics. This Xbox app allows fun and personal interactivity between viewers and streamers via customizable soundboards and visual elements. When you aren’t broadcasting or watching a stream, you have the option to socialize with other members through the community forum or the direct chat feature. This app is already built into Xbox One, so you don’t have to download it from the app store. It also has a simple set up that can be streamed from anywhere at any time. 


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform, which allows you to watch anything from your favorite music videos to funny videos of cats. YouTube can be a great way to socialize and connect with people who have a similar interest to you. This can be through discussions made via the comments, direct messages to people you connect with or admire or by making your own videos. The videos you make may help you reach out to others who appreciate what you share or can relate to your content. Once you attract a number of followers, you can spend your time communicating to and with them.

Clubs on Xbox

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Clubs on Xbox are a great way to meet people or to socialize with other Xbox users you are friends with. Creating your own club is simple. You can decide whether it is public, private or hidden. Then you can name it and finalize it. Once it has been created, you can give it some personality by adding a background, profile picture, and other customizations, so people know what it’s about. Don’t forget to add tags and descriptions to help people find your club. Once it is up and running, you can socialize with your friends and new club members if you choose to go public. 

Xbox Live

Gaming is a great way to communicate with people during self-isolation and it is a fun and unique way to do so. They are easy to set up online and they have intuitive ‘Party Chat’ functions, which allow you to talk to players via a headset while you play. You can also use this feature to talk between games or while using your console to watch Netflix. You will have to pay for Xbox Live for access to play against people. Once you have access, finding the right game is important. Xbox Live also allows you to download demos, trailers and full games in the Xbox Live Arcade. 

During these strange and worrying times, it is important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. Games consoles are great during this time as they provide plenty of mental stimulation and provide a fun and unique way to socialize with people during self-isolation, which is very important for our happiness and mental states. 

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