Anima: Song From The Abyss announced for Xbox One, Series X, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC

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Anima Song from the Abyss

Remember when Anima Project rocked up on Xbox One with Anima Gate of Memories in 2016, and then The Nameless Chronicles a few years back? Remember how they delivered a tale based on the Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG book series? Well, that exact same team are back to announce they are working on a brand new project – Anima: Song of the Abyss, and it’s coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Whilst release dates are unknown and full details are still a little thin on the ground, Anima: Song of the Abyss is the next title to come from the Anima Project. Due to hit current generation consoles (Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch), along with the next-gen behemoths (Xbox Series X and PS5), and PC, Song of the Abyss should once again provide a gripping tale full of intrigue and mystery.

In Song From The Abyss, an imperial zeppelin plunges into chaos when, incomprehensibly, most of his crew disappear. Faced with an unknown threat, the only remaining Heaven Order knight on the airship tries to protect its cargo; a powerful artifact from times past. But unknowingly, he triggers a terrible catastrophe by freeing a legendary witch who was locked inside.

As the zeppelin falls into the depths of a strange place known as the Abyss, the mysterious woman offers a deal to the knight in exchange for his salvation; He must help her discover what destroyed her civilization and why she was imprisoned.

And that is where you come in as Song from the Abyss provides a new Action RPG set in the world of Gaïa, all based on that from the renowned roleplaying book franchise Anima Beyond Fantasy. The game will give you the chance to take control of two different characters and explore a world full of mysteries, experiencing a fluid combat system and a deep story with unforgettable characters, as you progress.

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Features of Anima: Song from the Abyss will include:

  • -A gripping story, full of mysteries to uncover and wonders to unravel.
  • -A deep and intuitive battle system that merges fast paced real-time action with RPG elements.
  • -Swap between two different and unique characters in a dynamic, single-player gameplay.
  • -Explore a rich interconnected open world. Move back and forth between different environments and discover new areas and secrets.
  • -Face epic bosses, from huge wyrms to legendary monsters, each one with their own unique style and gameplay.
  • -Interesting characters to interact with. Develop your bond with them through your words, decisions and actions.
  • -Level up, unlock and customize unique skills with each character. Forge their weapons and create uncountable combinations.
  • -Multiples endings depending of your actions.

So, are you likely to be checking out Song From The Abyss when it hits? Will you pick it up on Xbox One, Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or PC? Let us know in the comments.

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