You can now test your Pokémon Journeys: The Series memory with the official quiz from The Pokémon Company

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The latest batch of English dub episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series is now available to watch on Netflix in the U.S. Read on below to learn more:

Go on a Mental Journey with the Pokémon Journeys: The Series Quiz

Test your knowledge of Ash and Goh’s experiences as Pokémon researchers in the latest season of Pokémon the Series on Netflix.

All 48 episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series are finally available on Netflix, encompassing Ash and Goh’s adventures across all eight core regions of the Pokémon world. With their partner Pokémon at their sides, the duo became Pokémon research fellows for Cerise Laboratory. Experiencing everything from an Iceberg Race in Sinnoh to a Dragon Dance on Dragonite Island, they’ve explored every corner of the Pokémon world as they study, battle, train, and help Pokémon.

The question is: How much do you remember? Are you a true Pokémon the Series master who recalls every detail of Ash and Goh’s adventure? Take the Pokémon Journeys: The Series Quiz to find out. But be forewarned—so many amazing things happened over the course of the season that this is longer than our usual quizzes! Do you have the fortitude, knowledge, and memory to be the very best, like no one ever was?

If you’re unsure of an answer, we’ve conveniently listed the episode where you’ll find it so you can watch it again on Netflix!

1. According to Ash, why do Dragonite have arms?

Episode: “A Test in Paradise!”

2. What is Goh’s goal as a Pokémon Trainer?

Episode: “Working My Way Back to Mew!”

3. Who is the self-proclaimed Bug-Type Queen of Sinnoh?

Episode: “Trade, Borrow, and Steal!”

4. Which Pokémon wins the Vermilion City Pokémon Grand Eating Contest?

Episode: “Crowning the Chow Crusher!”

5. Who are declared the winners of the 10th annual Magikarp High Jump Competition?

Episode: “Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!”

6. Which of Bea’s Pokémon defeated Riolu in her first battle with Ash?

Episode: “Solitary and Menacing!”

7. Which Pokémon does Goh initially intend to catch as his first Pokémon?

Episode: “Enter Pikachu!”

8. Which Pokémon does Goh actually catch as his first Pokémon after it helps him save a Snorlax sleeping on some train tracks?

Episode: “Mind-Boggling Dynamax!”

9. Who is Yamper’s favorite person, as indicated by the fact that it will only eat when this person feeds it?

Episode: “Best Friend…Worst Nightmare!”

10. What is the name of the machine that delivers Pokémon for Team Rocket to use in battles?

Episode: “Ivysaur’s Mysterious Tower”

11. Ash and Goh are offered roles as research fellows at Cerise Laboratory as a result of them riding which Pokémon?

Episode: “Legends? Go! Friends? Go!”

12. Which Galarian delicacy does Scorbunny steal from Ash and Goh when they first meet?

Episode: “Settling the Scorbunny!”

13. Where do Goh and Ash keep the Pokémon they catch over the course of the season?

Episode: “Working My Way Back to Mew!”

14. Which Pokémon does Ash use to defeat Hodge’s Hariyama in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup finals?

Episode: “Serving Up the Flute Cup!”

15. After battling the Legendary Pokémon in Galar alongside Zacian and Zamazenta, who catches Eternatus?

Episode: “Sword and Shield…The Legends Awaken!”

16. Which two Pokémon does Chairman Rose use in battle against Ash?

Episode: “Sword and Shield…The Legends Awaken!”

17. Who does Ash battle in his first World Coronation Series match?

Episode: “Destination: Coronation!”

18. Which Pokémon hatched from an Egg in Ash’s care?

Episode: “Caring for a Mystery!”

19. Other than Bunnelby, which two Pokémon do Ash and Goh encounter in the Slumbering Weald?

Episode: “Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!”

20. Which Alolan Trainer does Goh battle when Ash and Goh travel to Alola?

Episode: “That New Old Gang of Mine!”

So, how well do you know your Pokémon Journeys: The Series episodes? Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Add up your points and see how you did in the chart below:

0–5 points: Your journey has just begun. Like Ash and Goh, you’ve got a lot of Pokémon research ahead of you, but luckily for you, every moment will be filled with entertainment and adventure. Watch the season on Netflix, then try the quiz again.

6–10 points: You’re already on your way, but you’ve still got a long way to go. Grab some scones or curry and brush up on Pokémon Journeys: The Series before trying the quiz again.

11–15 points: You’re not quite a Pokémon the Series master, but you’ve got what it takes to become one. Brush up on the season, then try the quiz again.

16–20 points: It’s a big, big world, but you’ve mastered every adventure from Kanto and Sinnoh to Unova and Galar. Why not reward yourself for your expert mastery of the season by watching it again on Netflix?

Looking to improve your quiz performance? Watch episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series on Netflix.


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