Yep, The Switch Has Now Outsold The NES


We ran a story earlier this month about how worldwide sales of the Nintendo Switch were in line with the mighty NES (as of 30th June) – with both sitting at 61 million.

At the time, all we could go off was Nintendo’s latest financial earnings report, but now we’ve got some additional data that appears to confirm it has surpassed NES sales (as expected).

According to weekly sales from Famitsu, hardware sales for July and August in Japan confirm the Switch has now shifted more than 62 million units (62,035,250 units, to be precise), but this isn’t even taking into account the sales over the same months in other regions. Apparently it’s done well in the US.

This makes the Switch Nintendo’s second best-selling home console ever. Out in front is the Wii – with a total of 101.63 million sales to date. Have you contributed to these Switch sales? Tell us down below.

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