Warframe’s Next Open World Expansion, Heart Of Deimos, Launches This Month


To wrap up this year’s TennoCon event, Warframe publisher Digital Extremes announced a brand new open-world expansion for the game called Heart of Deimos.

Said to “propel Warframe into a completely new era”, the new update introduces a Cinematic New Player Introduction; a newly revealed Helminth Chrysalis System, which lets you transfer abilities between Warframes; pilotable mechs; new places to explore and more. The team shared just over 30 minutes of gameplay during the event, which you can rewatch above.

Here’s some PR to tell you all about this new open world:

Explore The Open World Expansion, Heart of Deimos
Heart of Deimos follows Digital Extremes’ two previous open worlds, Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna, with a new design twist, connecting an open world on its surface to a procedurally generated tileset underground.

On the moon surface, players will find themselves thrust into the sticky, pulsing, and terrifying hivemind landscape of the Infested faction, where nearly everything feels alive and connected. Giant towering wyrms, silhouetted against the darkened red sky, battle for control over night and day, while on the ground bulbous pods burst open with Entrati NPCs consumed and transformed by the Infested hive mind or a cadre of belligerent Infested creatures, ready to attack.

Underground, a series of procedurally generated networked tunnels and vertical spaces lead players to further explore the secret origins of the Infested and the twisted Entrati experiments. One remnant from the Entrati’s past works are giant, powerful ‘combat mechs’. These giant war machines might have served multiple purposes in the past but will play a key to players’ survival against a relentless enemy on their home planet. Players will fight against and in them!

Warframe Heart Of Deimos

For the first time for any of the game’s major updates, the Heart of Deimos expansion will be launching simultaneously across all platforms. This means that Switch owners will be able to get stuck in from 25th August, alongside their friends on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Are you a keen Warframe player? Think you’ll be checking out all of this new content? Let us know in the comments.

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