Ubisoft “Exploring Other Options” As E3 2020 Closes Its Doors


With E3 2020 now officially cancelled, game publishers and developers who were planning to attend the event will need to start thinking about their options. One of E3’s major and consistent guests, Ubisoft, has already commented on its plans regarding the event’s cancellation.

The studio has shared an update to social media, noting that it is “exploring other options for a digital experience” to keep fans up to date with its news. This sounds like it could well be a Nintendo Direct-style presentation or something similar, which wouldn’t really come as much surprise.

We’ll no doubt hear more publishers discuss their plans soon; we imagine that studios will be keen to use E3 week as an opportunity to showcase their games regardless of whether or not the traditional event is actually happening.

Update: As we were saying, we now have confirmation that Xbox will also be hosting a digital event:

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