The Pokemon Company is suing 3 people for leaking unreleased Pokemon from the official Sword & Shield strategy guide


The Pokemon Company has filed a lawsuit in a Seattle court that accuses 3 people of leaking Pokemon Sword and Shield information prior to the game’s release by posting photos from the official Pokemon Sword and shield strategy guide, which was also unreleased at the time. The photos, which leaked earlier this month, included images of unreleased Pokemon. They are also accused of stealing trade secrets from the strategy guide on Discord on November 1st.

However, the lawsuit cannot move forward until the identities of the 3 defendants, who are currently being called John/Jane Does 1-3, are found. A Discord account associated with the leakers have been discovered, but nothing more. The Pokemon Company will need the court’s help to find the account’s owner. The lawsuit seems to be unrelated to Pokemon Sword and Shield itself breaking its street date not long after the strategy guide leaks occurred.


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