Tetsuya Nomura: ‘There are currently no specific plans for more Kingdom Hearts games on Switch’


Nintendo Enthusiast recently had the opportunity to chat with the legendary Tetsuya Nomura via a translator who confirmed to the publication that there are currently no plans to bring more Kingdom Hearts games over to the Nintendo Switch. This means that while we will be getting the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, it’s doubtful that Switch owners will get the chance to play the mainline Kingdom Hearts games on the hybrid system. However, he did say that there’s a possibility that one of his other projects could eventually make its way over.

“Through a translator, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed there are currently no specific plans for more Kingdom Hearts games on Switch. Square Enix did consider ports of existing games for Switch in the past but found that it was technologically difficult. However, Nomura added that he believes Nintendo Switch is a very appealing piece of hardware and he had always wanted to do something on this console. Additionally, while he cannot speak for games at Square Enix that he isn’t associated with, Nomura did express that it is possible another game of his could come to Switch.”

Nintendo Enthusiast


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