Shakes On A Plane Brings Overcooked-Style Co-Op Chaos To Switch This November


If you’re a fan of the crazy co-op shenanigans found in games like Overcooked, you might want to keep an eye out for Shakes On A Plane, an upcoming release from indie developer Animera Games.

Clearly inspired by Ghost Town Games’ cooking hit, this one has players working together 30,000 feet above the ground, with coordination and good teamwork encouraged at all times. “It’s got the perfect touch of humour common in many of our games, along with a compelling storyline perfect for anyone craving something more offbeat,” says Stefan Marcinek, CEO of publisher Assemble Entertainment. “We’re anxious to get this into the hands of simulation fans and casual players alike!”

Give the trailer a watch to see some gameplay in action, and make sure to check out this feature list below.

– Dangerously Difficult: No matter how unreasonable and ungrateful the passengers are, or how outlandish their demands may be, the cabin crew must make it work. Every attendant has a job to do, no matter how vile.
Quirky Co-Workers: Each attendant in the crew has a different outlook on life, and in turn, a unique special ability. Take Mr. Yrman for example — he was fed up with life as a prison guard, so becoming a flight attendant was the natural next step. He’s also a passionate knitter.
Fine Dining: As everyone knows, airline passengers will only accept the best of the best when it comes to in-flight cuisine. While you may not be boasting a Michelin Star, the crew is counting you to work as a team to produce the very best shakes, burgers, coffee, and more.

Shakes On A Plane

The game’s planned to launch on the Switch eShop this November. Liking the look of this one? Cook us up a comment below.

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