Satoshi Hori who worked on Resident Evil 7 is main composer for Monster Hunter Rise


Launching as a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch on 26th of March next year, the music for Monster Hunter Rise is being headlined by a composer who’s work included a rather different game altogether a few years back. Satoshi Hunter, who is best known for his work on horror game Resident Evil 7, joined capcom in 2014 and in a recent interview detailed some thoughts behind the game’s music.

He mentions that you’ll be able to hear many traditional Japanese instruments and Hori also revealed that vocals have been added. In the interview, he touches on the fact the team made sure they retained the original feel and sound while improving the much-loved music.

“We made sure the Monster Hunter series was respected by keeping the quality of the original music and adding a catchy touch to better suit the themes of this game. Ichinose-san (the game’s game director, note of the editor) wanted this. ” Voices for every music, so that not only the completely new monster themes benefit from vocal performances, but also the existing theme arrangements. “

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