Roguelike Shooter SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Is Out On The Switch Today


“You have one life. Make it count.” No, that’s not the latest motivational Instagram quote from your yoga instructor, it’s the premise behind top-down roguelite shooter SYNTHETIK: Ultimate.

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Edition is the latest expansion for SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising, a game about shooting hordes of enemy robots that’s been gathering fans since its release in early 2018. The new “Ultimate” part of the title means that this version of the game includes all-new content: new enemies to shoot, new rooms to clear, new music, new story, and most importantly, new guns.

You can check out the new trailer above for a good idea of that the game entails. For veterans who want to know exactly what new content is included, here’s some official PR blurb that highlights the main features, along with some screenshots from the game page on Nintendo’s site:

● The game now ends with the new Armageddon Room, where you must survive a furious assault by the Red Guard as you override the Heart of Armageddon to finally save humanity.
● Nine new rare enemy squads may appear in your runs for extra challenge – face them head on or try to evade them. Also look out for ‘The Belt’, a new early game encounter…
● A brand new terminal comes with 12 new items, all specially designed for insane synergy with other items to open up incredible new combos.
● New story elements: prologue and victory cut scenes, plus new intros for every boss in the game!
● Discover Ghetto Blasters to play one of 7 new music tracks – 3 Goa, 2 Cyberpunk and 2 Synthwave.
● …and there’s much more! From interface enhancements and balance changes to four new weapon attachments.

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99. Those who already own the game on the PC will get the Ultimate expansion added to the game for free.

Let us know below if you’ve played the game elsewhere or if the new trailer piques your interest.

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