Random: Steven Universe GameCube Reference Leads To Short But Useful History Lesson

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One of the really cool things about social media is how one innocent post can cascade into several related posts, taking you down a rabbit hole of knowledge / inane banter which soaks up valuable minutes of your day that could have been better spent solving global conflict or finding cures for horrible diseases.

Take, for example, the following tweet pointing out that Cartoon Network show Steven Universe features a GameCube controller in one of its episodes:

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But why Dolphin? Those of you of a certain age/smugness, please put your hands down for a second – let’s allow this little history lesson to play itself out first.

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As you can see from the replies, a lot of the people responding to the tweet assumed this was a reference to the Dolphin emulator, which allows you to play GameCube games on computers (thereby potentially outing themselves as horrible software pirates).

More than one of the replies stated this with some degree of certainty until video game historian and occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson rocked up to educate the masses:

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Dolphin, of course, was Nintendo’s codename for the GameCube early in development and was the name bandied about by the games press prior to the console’s official announcement. We know this because we’re old and sad and remember everything we’ve ever read about video games, despite not being able to retain other, arguably more important information, such as the dates of important family birthdays or what we ate for lunch yesterday. Still, it’s nice to see younger, less anal fans get an impromptu history lesson on Twitter all the same.

It makes us feel better about forgetting to put the bins out last week, anyway.

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