Random: Product Design Student Creates Switch Entirely Out Of Paper

This one's not the paper one
This one’s not the paper one

We might have taken the wrong subject at university. When we had to do projects, it was all “write this essay” and “compare and contrast thing A with thing B”. It turns out that we could have been doing way more exciting things with all the paper we wasted on boring, 2000-word assignments on whatever it was we were studying – we could have been making Nintendo Switches instead.

(Well, not really. None of us were at uni when the Switch came out. But a paper GameCube would have been just as cool.)

Reddit user PandaWalkWithMe shared an image of their girlfriend’s latest university project: A Nintendo Switch made entirely out of paper, which would be impressive enough without also having detachable Joy-Cons and a Docking Station.

It turns out that the girlfriend (who is unnamed) is studying Product Design, a course in which students are often tasked with making paper and foam prototypes to test out their designs quickly and cheaply.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t play any games, because scientists have not yet figured out how to make paper capable of transmitting electricity or light. Apparently they’re too busy putting robots on Mars.

Did any of you lot study product design (or something similar) at university? What’s the coolest thing you ever built? Let us know in the comments.

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