Random: Now Pokémon Sword And Shield Haters Are Asking Trump To Halt Sales Of The Game

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Wow. Pokémon Sword And Shield sure has annoyed a lot of fans – and it’s not even out yet.

We’ve covered the numerous complaints about the game already, but – as our Pokémon Sword And Shield review clearly states – this is a solid start to Generation 8 on Switch.

Still, there’s no pleasing some people, and we’re now seeing disgruntled individuals appealing to the President of the United States himself (thanks, Daniel Ahmed) to stop sales of the game to avoid “violating” the rights of “American Citizens”.

Here’s the full appeal to President Trump:

We, the people of the United States of America strive for quality goods and entertainment. We, the People of the United States want what is best for our children. We, the people of the United States want what is best in our stores.

President Trump and Congress, the newest Pokemon games by Game Freak and Nintendo are negatively impacting the market with questionable decisions. We believe if the sales of the games were to stop, it will wake up Game Freak and we’ll get quality back. This will set a bad standard in the markets if these were to get sold. We, as both Pokemon fans but more importantly, American Citizens believe this is violating our Market rights and need something done about this.

The petition to the White House needs 99,807 signatures by December 12th for it to get a response – it currently has 193.

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