Random: Grand Theft Auto 3 Is Up And Running On The Switch, It’s Just Not Official

Grand Theft Auto 3YouTube

One company that hasn’t really jumped on the Switch bandwagon is Rockstar Games. While it released L.A.Noire with the help of port specialist Virtuos in 2017 since then it seems to have moved on.

With no sign of the Grand Theft Auto series coming to Nintendo’s hybrid platform anytime soon, the homebrew community has taken it upon themselves to get the third entry up and running on the system, and admittedly it looks great.

As YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer explains, it’s all thanks to some “clever” reverse engineering – with the original PlayStation 2 version believed to be the basis of this port.

“So how does it run on the Nintendo Switch, well I gotta say – it’s excellent, not only is the full game here, it runs at a good frame rate and takes advantage of Switch features like 16:9 widescreen.”

There’s always the question of how Rockstar and Take-Two will react. While both companies have been quick to issue takedowns in the past, this homebrew effort may not be in the firing line. To see this project in motion, view MVG’s latest video.

Would you like to see Rockstar bring its classic Grand Theft Auto games to the Nintendo Switch? Tell us down below.

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