Random: Game Boy Camera Mod Allows For Awesome Retro Canvas Imagery


If we’re being completely honest, we never imagined that we’d still be writing about clever, creative uses of the Game Boy Camera in 2020, yet here we are with another fan-made project that has us mightily impressed.

Sam McKenzie, owner of a YouTube channel centred around 3D printing, decided to get in touch with us here at Nintendo Life to discuss the channel’s latest video. In it, McKenzie uses a mod which allows you to attach a DSLR lens to the good old Game Boy Camera, resulting in some interesting snaps at a whopping 0.1 megapixels.

“Using a 70-200mm lens takes the focal length to around 3000mm on the Game Boy Camera,” Sam says, “allowing us to take some creamy retro photos at an insane 0.1 megapixels. But, after blowing our budget on the 3D printer, we didn’t have enough to purchase a now rare Game Boy Printer, so we took the Game Boy Camera and brought it into 2020 by having the results printed onto canvas professionally.”

The results are pretty special. At the end of the video, you’ll see Sam’s chosen photograph digitally printed onto a canvas, ready to be placed on a wall in the home. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia talking, but we’d say it looks really cool – in a geeky, artsy kind of way, of course. Check it out:

What do you think? If you just so happen to have all of the necessary equipment and want to give this a go yourself, you can find the 3D mod design here.

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