Poll: What’s The Best Paper Mario Game?

Paper Mario Color Splash

With the recent release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Paper Mario series now stands at a sizeable six entries.

It all began with the original Paper Mario on Nintendo 64, before moving onto the GameCube with the celebrated Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. That was followed by Super Paper Mario on Wii before the series took a quick handheld detour on 3DS with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Finally, Color Splash brought a dash of pigment to the Wii U, which brings us up-to-date with the latest game on Switch. With the impending 20th anniversary of the series, we thought it the perfect time to ask you lovely people to rate the Paper Mario games to find out where The Origami King stands and which one you think is the absolute best.

Below you’ll find all six of the Paper Mario games, plus the Mario & Luigi crossover Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Registered Nintendo Life users can click on the stars and rate any (or all) of the games out of 10. If you’ve previously rated these games–excellent!–you can just put your feet up. You shouldn’t need to use the search bar with just seven games, but it’s there if you really, really detest scrolling.

Much like our Top 50 platform polls, the resulting ranking (which we’ll publish very soon) will be created from the database of NL User Ratings and is therefore fluid and subject to change even after publication. So, if you’re in the middle of a Paper Mario game and don’t want to rate it yet, no sweat – you can add your score at any time in the future and it will still count and potentially influence the order.

Enough talk! We recently took a more in-depth look at the series which we recommend you check out. For now, simply click on the stars below to rate the games you’ve played…

Rate each Paper Mario game:

Click the stars below to rate out of 10 each Paper Mario game you’ve played:

Thanks for rating! We’ll be finding out the results very soon, but remember: much like our platform Top 50s, the list here is fluid, so even if you miss out on voting before the results are revealed, you can still influence the ranking after publication.

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