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Nintendo Wii

Next year will be the fifteenth anniversary of the humble Nintendo Wii, the little motion-controlled console which broke away from the competition and started a revolution. It was a brilliantly compact piece of hardware (the size of three DVD boxes, remember?) which hosted a huge library of fantastic titles — games of all varieties from core to casual, the best of which took advantage of its unique controller and added a spark of novelty into a home gaming landscape that had become a bit samey over the years.

We’ve been reminiscing about the console (having played lots of Super Mario Galaxy recently thanks to its re-release on Switch as part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars) and we’d like your help to assemble the top 50 Wii games ever. We recently asked asked you to rank the top 50 Nintendo 64 games ever, and the ordering of this list will be similarly fluid, dictated by the games’ User Ratings in the Nintendo Life Games database and therefore subject to fluctuations even after publication.

To rate any Wii or WiiWare game (don’t forget the latter!), simply scroll through the alphabetical list (or type the title into the search bar at the top to save your scrolling finger), click the star to bring up a rating of 1-10, and click the score you feel it deserves — job done! If you need a reminder on a particular game, feel free to click the game title and check out our vintage reviews and screenshots.

We’ll publish the results soon, but in the meantime get those IR bars positioned above or below your screens, and happy rating!

Thank you for rating your favourites (or otherwise). Feel free to discuss your favourite Wii and WiiWare games below, and we’ll reveal the results next week.

We’ve already compiled the Best 3DS games, the Best Game Boy games, the Best GameCube games, the Best Nintendo DS games and the Best N64 games, so check out those lists if you can’t get enough of Nintendo’s copious back catalogue. If you’re after something less retro and more modern, we’ve also got the Best Switch games (so far) available for your perusal.

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